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'You're not singing Maribor'

Well done to everyone who turned up and sang for ninety minutes up in the top corner of the Shelf, Block J. It made such a difference on the night and it proved that there are plenty of like-minded individuals who desire the same match-day experience, to sing continuously without complacency no matter what is happening on the pitch but to also be reactive and proactive at the same time (for example, singing after the Lloris/Naughton mistake and into half-time). The reaction from the rest of the ground wasn't as relentless in response, but perhaps others that witnessed it and couldn't start a song in their block might wish to be part of 1882 next time round. 

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In its purest form as a Tottenham supporter we should value and treasure our traditions to play fanciful attractive football. Beautiful free flowing expressive football. This hasn't always led to success but the lack of backbone is something we accepted as a trait to our personality. In recent years a strong spine has meant that we've been able to complement the fluidity with bullish belief and have taken massive steps forward. Our expectations have risen. The pressure of wanting to be successful can be troublesome when the performance doesn't match the new founded ambition.

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