Dear Spurs fans,

Take that sense of entitlement and stick it up your a*se. Forget about the money spent at the door, you're meant to support the team above all else so how about behaving in a manner that’s becoming of Spurs rather than defaulting to a stereotype we have so many times in the past made fun of, aiming our laughter at opposing teams that knee-jerk. Okay, so the current transition is not very attractive and enthralling. Might take more than three games for us to find a flow. Are you missing the hedonistic days of Harry Redknapp’s title challenges? Has patience been completely drained from your consciousness? Easier to boo players wearing the shirt than it is to stand up and sing for them? Get this – WE ARE PLAYING AT HOME. It’s your team, back them and let them know, let the opposing side know and let their fans know.

We are Tottenham.

Or is the Roman Empire and you're the emperor, as you look on waiting to be entertained to give the thumbs up or down? Oh wait a minute, you’ve spent a few bob on your food, beer and programme so you’re allowed to heckle the millionaires out on the pitch. Oh how simplistic it all is in your bubble. You might be present at the game but you may as well be sitting in an armchair and how dare Tottenham Hotspur not entertain you for every single second you witness. It’s football it’s not pantomime. You lot are deserving of one thing. Mid-table. Then perhaps you can f*ck off and not drag down the atmosphere to your miserable level, you glory glory-hunters. At this rate, we might even get it. Boo some more.

You remember the back end of last season? That forgotten form that the media do love to dismiss which cost us dearly? Ask Harry Redknapp, I'm sure he'll mention it on Match of the Day this evening. Take that into account and mix it up with new signings and a new coach. Do you want me to draw you a picture? Nah, of course not. We're winning now, you're too busy singing and covering yourselves with validation. Don't tell me booing is emotional. It's lazy. Oh hold up, you're booing again. Not winning any more? Did the other lot score?

You have the right to be critical, frustrated, disappointed. You're welcome to your opinions to lay blame on those you believe deserve it, although quite how you wish to be petulant with your patience is beyond me but then I remember the 90's like they were yesterday so perhaps my skin is thicker. It's not about blind faith, it's about retaining some sense of balance to the argument. Be angry if you wish, but be a Spurs fans when you're watching your team. We are as despondent in display in the stands as some of the players out on the pitch at the moment. Perhaps the players should share the love and start booing us.

We've not even had any truly tangible success, just solid progression. God only knows what kind of expectations we'll have if we did start winning season in, season out.

Yours sincerely,

The rest of us.