spurs virginity lost in early 80s
regular since 87 season
season ticket holder 2004 - 2014
currently in exile

spooky username registered on football message boards in 2002
rant driven letters to chairman pre-season, july, 2004, posted on forums
letters regularly appearing on glory glory forum

dml birthed in 2007 on google platform, currently powered by squarespace


co-founder of the fighting cock podcast


Comments don't appear for blogs pre-dating 2016 ish. The comments aren't lost, they're just not available due to Disqus being implemented. Shame really, there's plenty of history there that's currently inaccessible. Including the wonderful words of the much loved and missed Wisky Tom. RIP.

If you wish to reminisce, this here links to an old version of the blog dating from 2012 and further back.