Lilywhite & Blue

Oh yes, yes, yes. Exciting stuff. Lilywhite & Blue, The History Of Tottenham's Famous Shirt by Jeff Maysh is now an interactive digital book for the iPad. Spurs + retina screen = glorious and gorgeous.


If you've ever worn a Spurs shirt, this book is for you. Lilywhite & Blue is a visual history of every glorious shirt design since the team was founded. For this unique project, memorabilia collectors have opened the doors to their private collections, to bring together the rarest match-worn Spurs shirts of all time: Klinsmann's famous debut shirt; Cup Final kits from the glorious 1960s, muddy match strips from every Premiership season, and the shirts that even THFC don't have in their archives.

This exclusive 2012 digital edition of the top-selling book celebrates the colourful history of Tottenham Hotspur's shirt, and now features video, extra content and includes the latest Under Armour kits. This 100% unofficial book is for serious Spurs obsessives only. That's obviously all of you because were all a bit obsessed.


It's available for sale on the ‘iBook store’ today and the digital version now features exclusive video content, interactive galleries, quick quizzes, and even more photos of Tottenham’s iconic shirts, updated to include 2012’s Under Armour kits.

Click here for more images and info and links on how and where to purchase it.

Also, listen out for Jeff on The Fighting Cock podcast soon.