I forgot to write up a 10,000 word preview of the game. So, I guess I should say something poignant in it's place. I don't have anything poignant to share. So I'll just think of something ad-hoc and hope it brightens up your bandwidth, although you're probably better spent clicking on a more enticing headline selling you the latest ITK.

Did Villas-Boas say 'aggressive' in his post-match interviews on Friday relating to the 433 morphing into a more balanced 4231? I love that world. Aggressive. I love seeing teams play with aggression. Bullying and slapping the opposition with an essence of suitably humiliation. Hey, if it works for the American porn industry then why should football be any different? Let them get choked up. Too much right?

We are still without a truly creative playmaker but we have Sigurdsson and we have van der Vaart and sacrificing one of our holding midfielders (that's you Jake) to accommodate the both of them might just give us enough spark to carve open WBA. We're at home. Adebayor is back. Ledley is making an appearance at half time. Villas-Boas home début. Sing up, sing up. Love the shirt and the swashbuckle.

Get it done, then with any luck we'll be welcoming three new players before the window closes giving us that extra shine of quality to push on.

That's it. I'll be a little more creative and detailed in the match report.