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I'm happy with the performance. No need to start theorising about how the second half would have played out had Popov not spat at Walker. You could however wish to spend a whimsical moment or two wondering what might have been had we been successful with signing Leandro Damaio (as it appears Spurs were involved throughout January in another futile attempt to sign the player). I think it's perhaps time we focused on a different tier of player, say someone like Romelu Lukaku - cheaper, potential, not necessarily someone who would demand constant first team appearances allowing for rotation with our other two strikers.

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I came close to abducting Mila Kunis

Everyone fully recovered from the exhausting bore that was propaganda transfer day sponsored by Sky Sports and fuelled by the inevitable soon to be broken dreams masquerading as hope? Of course you have. We all allow ourselves to be seduced. A one night stand that resembles an orgy, considering how many people tune it to then be f**ked over.

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