I came close to abducting Mila Kunis

Everyone fully recovered from the exhausting bore that was propaganda transfer day sponsored by Sky Sports and fuelled by the inevitable soon to be broken dreams masquerading as hope? Of course you have. We all allow ourselves to be seduced. A one night stand that resembles an orgy, considering how many people tune it to then be f**ked over.

I know I've already written about this, but thought I'd attempt straight-laced too. So, in summary:

Holtby, Fryers in.

Cudincini, Jenas out.

Coulibaly, Falque, Smith, Gomes, Townsend, Pritchard, Dawkins, Mason, Gomelt loan.

Let's just retire the significance we all think January has. The fabled consolidation, that extra bit of something...hasn't transpired. Again. Or maybe it has with Holtby. It's all completely irrelevant now unless you're one of those supporters that wants something to reference every-time we drop a point or lose. Forward we march...because what's behind us can no longer be influenced. And, it's the only new founded ilk of forward we can claim as our own.

Highlights of the window? Twitter being over-capacity and not working for a good two hours or so during the afternoon of deadline day. Let's all pretend we don't care about the hype by collectively bringing down social media.

The 34M euro transfer of Willian to Anzhi. Money breaks football again.

The non-event of yet another boring chapter in the Saga that doesn't really exist. A melodrama with no drama. We came close to signing Leandro Damiao. I came close to abducting Mila Kunis. By the process of thought. A day dream to be exact. That's still intent, right? Fantasising over a scrap-book of newspaper cut-outs and internet articles. Apparently we will not try to sign him come the summer. Really? I hadn't realised we had tried to sign him at any point in the past three years. Let's bid £13M then £17M then give up. That'll show the player how much we want him.

Townsend out on loan. Will probably develop better with consistent game time. Could we have done with him at Spurs? Cover for the flanks right? Then again, half way through the season and he's only appeared as a cameo. So perhaps not.

Reading bidding three times for Siggy. As turning each bid down. He hasn't had the best of starts, he's been luckless too when playing (tally up the goals he could have scored based on nearly scoring...he's got a good ratio of almost being a hero each time). Shouldn't give up on players so easily. Glad that's the case here.

Not allowing Huddlestone to leave for Fulham (allegedly) suggesting we might have actually been involved in trying to sign someone (Diame?) then changed our minds when no deal looked likely. |'m fairly certain Tommy was influential in the season we qualified for the CL. Seems that whatever is left of this particular season might be his last in Lilywhite. Hopefully he'll give us something to remember. Like finally getting that haircut. I have a fantasy that he'll score and and pull out clipper from his shorts (easy now) and get shaved as part of an elaborate celebration. Probably worth a yellow.


Andre Villas-Boas nodding towards media expectations as the main culprit for the disappointed some of us feel. The club signed players in the summer, a couple in this window and will no doubt sign more players in the summer again. We'll use hindsight  come the end of the season and lay blame accordingly (depending on our final position) using a probability formula that involves imaginary 'should have signed' players to form the basis of screaming what ifs.

Good luck to JJ. Very much a player synonymous with the birth of this blog five years ago as a personification of those high expectations, fragile and brittle. Daniel Levy's original poster boy of British potential and the perfect illustration of so many Spurs sides that flattered to deceive down the years before we finally started to get it right. Not half as bad as some would suggest but never half as good as he could have been.

Levy. He's either a genius or he's just destroyed the club. Levy Time, a tag given to occasional last minute signings, but mostly thanks to the euphoria of capturing Rafa van der Vaart that one time. He's neither of course and although it was unforgivable how close this club came (well not that close in actuality, 14-0) with moving to Stratford, he has worked wonders with the accountancy. A solid chairman, cautious and calculated, doing what he thinks is best for us when perhaps we don't think his best is enough. Much like some are quick to criticise that we're under performing on the pitch (playing within ourselves) with the wealth of talent we possess, Levy remains risk-free and slow brooding off it with his approach too.

Spurs, with the lack of monster revenue through the turnstiles are still highly competitive. There is absolutely no doubt we need more quality to be signed to allow the coach to progress his long term vision. But there is also equal certainty that we have more than enough to challenge for a CL place and do well in Europe.

If you want or you haven't, download the latest episode of The Fighting Cock podcast which dissects deadline day like Jack the Ripper dissecting...it's bloody good, is my point.

And that is that.

So let's crack on with more down to earth realities like winning a game and breaking free of the draws we've recently become accustomed too. WBA away is the perfect platform to reignite victory and make the most of a weekend that saw one or two falter. Won't be easy (standard description of any given game). Would love to see Holtby start, but I'd be surprised to see it happen. Andre Villas-Boas gradually introduces new players based on his training pitch methodology and preparation. 20 odd minutes the other night perhaps not quite enough to see our new would-be midfield messiah take responsibility from the off. The positive spin on this is we might get to see one or two players elevate their performance level what with the new-founded options our coach will have in the coming weeks.

I'll probably know (along with you) after around 10-20 minutes of the game whether Spurs have awoken from the slumber and will seek to produce a far more energetic tempo-driven effort than our previous couple of outings. This is now the business end of the season. Now. 4th, 3rd...up for grabs. Either we stick in amongst it with our erratic competitors and the shared inconsistency or we find that momentum to push ahead. If we don't someone else well. Very easy really...take what's on offer before someone else smacks past us to claim it for themselves.

I'll finish up with some stats (via @SpursStatMan on Twitter and one I've copy and pasted via @RichArrowsmith):

Spurs have scored just 6 goals from their last 107 shots at goal.

Jermain Defoe has scored just once with his last 39 attempts on goal.

WBA have only conceded 11 goals at home, the third best in the PL. Spurs have scored 23 away goals, the third best in the PL.

Stats. A bunch of numerical dizzying that mean very little once the whistle is blown at kick-off. Ruthless composure Spurs please. We don't need to fumble with a credit card to unlock a door if we're missing a key. Try the slightly opened window and climb through it. Then dismantle the door from the inside and invite everyone round for a party.