Did you catch the Athletic Bilbao game? If so, you probably caught more of the game than I did. Making this is a platform for you to 'do it yourself' and write up your own thoughts on the game and let me know if I missed anything of consquence.

Uninspiring first half from the sounds of it, spent mostly in the kitchen, I managed to time my return into the living room to see us go a goal down. What I did witness looked lacklustre and without cohesion. I did however catch the second half (lucky me) which was a far more composed and controlled performance with plenty of direction and intent. Lennon and Bale flying down the flanks. Modric dictating. Two forwards scoring a goal a piece. Hedonistic.

I never place too much emphasis on pre-season friendly games for obvious reasons, but it was still enjoyable to see the team react positively. Talking of positive reactions, Luka got a very healthy mix of cheer and applause. If I was there, as previously cited, I'd have supported him because of the shirt he had on his back and the team he was playing for. Not sure I would have clapped my hands together and most definitely would not have been vocal about it. It's up to him to perform out of his skin once the season starts and claw back some of that genuine love we lost during this agonisingly boring summer of nothingness, punctured by his ungentlemanly quotes.

Still, it was okay that he got some cheers and applause by others more willing to sacrifice a little for the good of the club and the team. First step in moving on for everyone. Not literally moving on Luka. Don't get excited, West London you'll visit but only in Lilywhite colours.

Other footnotes from the game:

Pienaar injured.

Niko looking like a man holding his still beating broken heart, ripped out of his chest by fate. The look on him as he stood to take the penalty was touching on the tragic.

Lennon diving, poor show.

The Mexican wave. I'd take that over 'stand up if you hate <insert other North London club name here>' any day of the week.

Llorente's 'alright' performance. Disappointed that Levy didn't race on at the final whistle with a contract between his teeth, holding hands with Adebayor and Samba whilst watched on by Diarra in the stands, wolf-whistling his approval.

442 is better than 4411.

Harry Redknapp laughing in an interview before kick-off re: lack of transfer activity. Personally think for once he was covering up the fact that Spurs are probably balls deep in negotiations. Yes, I'm still banging that drum of hope.


Knock yourselves out with your write-ups.




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