Don't fret, it will soon be over...then it will begin

Not long to go now and once more we’re pulled back into the emotional hellmouth that is Premier League football and Tottenham Hotspur. Even though it’s been a summer of much ado about nothing with both the weather and the transfer window, there has still been ample time for people to discuss (at times with more venom than humour) Harry Redknapp, our apparent lack of activity in signing high profile players and the comical In the Know community and their cryptic and colours. Looking ahead at our fixture list you just know that all this has simply been an appetiser with the main course about to be dished up. Let's hope there is no choking on bones when feasting.

The Redknapp rhetoric has been mostly about his mouth and his inability to keep it shut. We’re not challengers, we can’t possibly challenge what with Manchester City bullying their way to the top. Europa League is a killer. And Luka doesn’t have a price but he should still be linked to Chelsea every other week to give people something to talk about. Take it or leave it, you might as well leave it.

The other Redknapp story, the one we can’t talk about due to legalities, isn’t the reason we’ve yet to sign anyone. The club is hardly going to stand still because of one man. We need players, the club will sign players and the manager will get on with it until the chairman decides it’s time for a change. Top quality signings made now will still be top quality when there's a managerial change.

There really has been very little to discuss this summer (Luka saga aside). Can’t even write up a season preview until after we’ve announced our new signings. I'm not ITK. Just logically. We all know a forward or two is required to then allow ‘deadwood’ and other players no longer required to move on out of the club. We could also do with a centre-back (as I don’t think Bassong will be given a chance) what with Woody leaving and King never able to compete for 40+ games. And a midfielder also for additional depth and strength what with the Europa 'domestic league game' killer polluting our fixture list.

All of the above (positions) have been linked through-out the past few months in the name(s) of Adebayor, Llorente, Samba/Cahill and Diarra. Considering our recent track record you’d probably slap your forehead and fall flat on your back if we were to do business and sign four of them. Or four of similar ilk. But that’s the requirement. The blueprint of progression, the avoidance of stagnation.

Got to keep the faith because the alternative is not of an attractive nature. What will be joyful to witness is the positivity that will be birthed from signing new blood.

So regardless of the self-preservational tactics of Redknapp and the inactivity we’ve had to snooze through during this window thus far, with a week to go...something has to give.

I’m actually excited.

Although the caveat from a previous blog still stands. If it’s Zamora, I riot.



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