Levy and Spurs Future statements on Tottenham riots

There was some heated debate yesterday evening relating to this statement from Spurs Future on events in N17. A question of timing that one or two found to be a little self-serving and perhaps inconsiderate, considering the more pivotal issues that need addressing in the aftermath of the riots.

August 7th, 2011 - Supporting Our Future Statement Regarding Events in Tottenham and North London

Talking about football and the needs of a privately-owned football club seems inconsequential after the events of the weekend. Especially as lots of agendas are being fed and we have no wish to add to that or some of the ill-informed comment that has been thrown up.

But when time is taken to reflect, it seems clearer than ever that the NDP must happen. We have outlined why the club needs it to happen since we began our efforts. The reason why the area needs it to happen, as a catalyst for wider regeneration which the local community and the community of Spurs supporters have a genuine stake in, have been brought into sharp relief.

There needs to be a firm commitment from all parties concerned to the NDP. The alternative is to write off the futures of many thousands of people and a key area of London.

The thoughts of Supporting Our Future are with all the families and people of North London affected by these events.

Events only illustrate the necessity for redevelopment in the area. Politics at play by all, lets not forget the NDP is not just about a new stadium for THFC. The club and Daniel Levy equally quick to comment:

"It is more critical than ever that community, business and political leaders - local and national, public and private – now work closely together to support the regeneration of this area and we shall certainly look to play our part in that.”

Read the full statement on the official website. 

It would be easy to make a wisecrack about the clubs pursuit of Stratford/Olympic Stadium. Lammy had a lot to say about commitment to the area at the time. I won't go there. Just that it's important for N17 that the government, the local community and the club work together more so than ever to make the NDP viable.  It's not a solution to the variety of problems the area has, especially their relationship with the police, but its an important element of progression and raising the areas non-existent self-esteem, outside of the football club that appears to be the last anchor towards a tangible future. Even if a few took the time to smash up the ticket office the other night.

Could argue the club exists in the area without actually being of any consequence to it, an anomaly, something people who live outside the area travel too every other week. The Tottenham Foundation does its bit. But with a new stadium and the work to be had in its surrounding area, investment and development in other parts will follow over time. That's the hope. You have to start somewhere.

Either everyone pulls together or the area will be pulled apart.