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Here we go again

Really hope the incident in Lyon doesn't reignite the Y word discussion as a means of deflecting away from the actual cause of all this. That being the actual racist element that continues to remind us of it's existence with cowardly attacks. Although a pocket of Spurs fans being attacked is probably the least of the problems in France. We were simply treated to the fun and games which are no doubt shared out to all those deserving visitors and the ones that live there that fall victim to the prejudice.

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With one skip and a swing of his Belgian boot

Wasn't always pretty. Wasn't always tidy. But it had its moments. A fair few of them on reflection. Be it for our inability for the clean crisp pass during a progressively frustrating first forty five and Lyon's reluctance to attack with more pomp we kept that momentum and belief going all the way to the wire and edged it with seconds to spare. Even with the early conceded (and badly defended) Lyon goal giving them plenty of time to seek out a killer second we kept our heads up and kept going.

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One man, we only need one man

Lyon, not as good as they once were but also not as ordinary as I believed they would be (based on recent form and one or two journalists reporting a lack of spark with their football). I under estimated them. Spurs side selected was fairly strong too. Pre-match concerns about too much potential rotation dismissed out of hand even though we witnessed five changes (mostly a defensive reshuffle).

The game lacked swashbuckle aside from the three brilliant goals scored.  Most of these European nights are beginning to shape up to be the polar opposite of that Champions League season when opposing sides (to their detriment) allowed us to attack attack attack. That particular license to kill has been revoked. But there's no reason to fret. We have Bale...Gareth Bale, the man with the golden gun. His left peg to be precise. He still managed to misfire with a glorious sitter in the first half, however he made ample amends with two magnificent dipping free-kicks to win us the game. Again. The tiresome bore and his insistent owl celebration.

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No romance allowed

Lyon in the Europa League at the Lane tonight and then tomorrow night Bolton again at the Lane in the FA Youth Cup. I'm missing both games, but I'm probably more disappointed I wont be watching the Spurs kids tomorrow.

It's another 1882 gathering, with a couple of blocks allocated by Spurs to people who want to be vocal. 300 or so tickets sold already. You can buy on the door on the night for neighbouring blocks if you've not managed to escape Valentines Day for tonight's first team encounter (which has a fair few tickets still available) and desire a Tottenham fix before the sabbatical.

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Kings of Lyon

Lyon in the next round of the Europa League with a possibility of facing Internazionale (if they get past Cluj) in the round after. It's just got real. No easy teams left in the competition which means our level of competitiveness has no room for comfort or casual strolling. Intensity is a key repeated word Andre Villas-Boas loves to cite in his pre and post match musings and we'll need plenty of it if we're going to get past the French.

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