Here we go again

Really hope the incident in Lyon doesn't reignite the Y word discussion as a means of deflecting away from the actual cause of all this. That being the actual racist element that continues to remind us of it's existence with cowardly attacks. Although a pocket of Spurs fans being attacked is probably the least of the problems in France. We were simply treated to the fun and games which are no doubt shared out to all those deserving visitors and the ones that live there that fall victim to the prejudice.

There's a connection with Spurs and Jewish heritage which hardly needs explaining, although demographically it's incorrect. Demographics aren't even relevant. But that's never been the point of the whole Yid Army chant and identity. It's not by association because we're all Jewish. It's by association that we wont allow ourselves to be bullied by racism. Although there's not much the common supporter can do when enjoying a pint and being attacked by big bold brave men in balaclavas.

That association. There's enough there for those that wish to target us to do just that. It's been going on for decades and it won't suddenly disappear if we let go of something that has become inherently Tottenham for so many supporters.

That Jewish connection will not go away and it's not up to us to solve it by somehow interdicting the 'Jewish' heritage / badge of honour. Those that harbour racist agendas will still take it out on any given Spurs fan. Those that wish to do so thanks to their lack of intelligence will do the same. Whether it's a derogatory 'f***ing yid' from a neighbouring rival fan or a premeditated attack in Rome or Lyon. The latter perhaps far more agenda driven than an idiot from Green Street or Stamford Bridge.

If Tottenham Hotspur didn't exist, someone else would be targeted.

It's the association made and the reasoning for the attacks by those doing the attacking...that's the problem. Those attacking, will continue to plan the next one. They should be dealt with accordingly, not part of any footballing agenda. It's a social glitch. It's amplified thanks to the football experience for obvious reasons (large number of people in groups, in foreign country, easy to target). This isn't a footballing problem. Football is just the excuse for it to manifest itself in a more prominent way.

It's a far more evident problem on the continent (as Spurs fans are only 'attacked' verbally in football stadiums in England). Ironic that no such attacks were prominent until after the whole Y word debate dominated the headlines.

I've got no problem replacing Yid Army with something if it organically changed over time but those that wish to associate us with the Jewish connection will continue. More poignantly you can't reboot history and you can not expect those being attacked to take responsibility for prompting the attackers in the first place.

It might not even be about the whole yid thing, the recent attack in Lyon. It could so easily be an afterthought, with the thugs just wanting to do some damage to the 'English hooligan scum' of just the 'English scum' but the narrative will just be tagged onto it regardless. I've done it myself with this piece. Most of these organised groups harbour an neo-Nazi element but still would not have been too shocked had they attacked any other set of supporters visiting. I guess it helps them sleep better to know they've done over a club that call themselves the yids. I guess the media will sleep better too. Probably UEFA too. West Ham next up. I'll let you work out the continued irony and perhaps the FA can provide the commentary.

I've reignited the Y word discussion. I guess there was no way to avoid it.


Apparently we've moved closer to transforming the land next to White Hart Lane as Haringey Council have approved a land deal for the new stadium. Thought this was already agreed. It actually has. We bagged the planning permission a couple of years ago and had a revised plan approved since then. Can someone please define 'moved closer'.

I've lost track of when the work will potentially will start. Not that anyone knows any more with the news we've now been granted a 999 year lease of the land. Hold up...turn 999 upside down...this won't end well...


I enjoyed seeing these stats from @SpursStatMan on Twitter earlier today pre-match.

  • Spurs have never won away at a French side
  • Tottenham have only been eliminated twice in 33 occasions having won a first leg of a knockout game in Europe.
  • Tottenham have won 3 and lost none of four games against French sides.

Still not won away at a French side, but that Dembele goal felt like a winner. In fact it was. Well it wasn't but it was. You know what I mean.