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No romance allowed

Lyon in the Europa League at the Lane tonight and then tomorrow night Bolton again at the Lane in the FA Youth Cup. I'm missing both games, but I'm probably more disappointed I wont be watching the Spurs kids tomorrow.

It's another 1882 gathering, with a couple of blocks allocated by Spurs to people who want to be vocal. 300 or so tickets sold already. You can buy on the door on the night for neighbouring blocks if you've not managed to escape Valentines Day for tonight's first team encounter (which has a fair few tickets still available) and desire a Tottenham fix before the sabbatical.

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This is still Tottenham at 60%

Morning. How's everyone feeling? Aside from freezing cold (if you're unlucky to be living in Blightly). We're about to hit the minus temps apparently. Everyone going to the Lane this evening, don't forget your long-johns. I wont be there but will be present for the Europa League 'decider' next Thursday, somewhere in block 32 (where 1882 has been allocated) to see us hopefully not just beat the Greeks but also match their relentless support from start to finish. As for tonight, I'll be watching from the comfort of an illegal stream, hoping for more of the same offensive intent against a side that will be far better than the pish West Ham managed to display on Sunday.

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Lazio 0 Lloris 0

Lloris displayed mad skillz. Dembele is back. We had (yet another) perfectly legitimate goal disallowed for offside. Carroll's vision and pass to find Bale for that goal was sensational. He was also tidy in possession and focused with other key responsibilities such as tracking and tackling. We were in control in the early part of the game, aside from a blistering Ledesma effort. We did make it count (that disallowed goal) so it didn't actually count and then Lazio got a stranglehold and asked all the questions from that point onwards, especially throughout the second half. We held out thanks to a defining shift between the sticks from the keeper that isn't Brad. We need to beat the Greeks at the Lane (or draw) to qualify.

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