An Inconvenient Truth


Will Hugo Lloris leave Tottenham in the summer? I can't seem to find a direct quote but then we don't need one. It's the standard expectancy to have your best player(s) linked to other clubs. Top players are always mooted to be seeking a club that can match their ambitions. It's the soundbite chewed and spat out by rival fans and our own. Lloris has often won us points with his sweeping and shot-stopping. He's focused, spirited and displays professionalism when the players directly ahead of him can be calamitous.

He's always been diplomatic about his future. Most footballers when poked don't tend to burn their bridges. You can't be too heavy on sentiment when there is always the potential to move on. In this case, I doubt many will be shocked if he did. But I can be certain we'll all be gutted.

Spurs are about to enter a geographical transition to match the never ending one on the pitch. With nothing in the way of the stadium development, plans will need to be confirmed about where we stay for a couple of seasons whilst the new ground is completed. MK Dons is the suggested bed and breakfast. History isn't one that has them blessed with love from supporters that find a franchise distasteful. Whilst we all wait and see if the development does kick off as planned, we're also set to be entertained by the merry-go-round of players signing and leaving. Some of the flops might prefer to sit on their relatively fledgling fat contracts whilst we hope they look to rejuvenate their careers elsewhere.

The same could apply for Hugo who has been integral to the team.

We do this dance every so often and we always end up tripping over. Our 'best' players are going to attract attention. I'd be disappointed if they didn't. It means we have players of quality and we're doing something right. As much as Daniel Levy will be the target for abuse for selling prize assets, he was the one to sign Hugo in the first place. Cynically, you can suggest he did so knowing full well he'll get his money back and more. With Michel Vorm warming the bench without complaint, you also wonder if he's on a promise to start more games because the club are resigned to losing our French international keeper.

Levy has often made statements about us not being a selling club and the player, opposing club and the agents force the move to go through against our will. We always end up losing that prized asset. It's the unavoidable cycle we (as a business) have accepted. The fact the transfer fee is always a good one leaves the club with a healthy balance to once more buy an exciting player to repeat the cycle again.

In this case, the rumours about Hugo might just be made up or they might be the beginnings of the nudge towards him considering a move. The only meaningful statement would be undeniable commitment. That's one trait within the club we don't do that well.




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