Say my name


You have to go all the way back to the 1992 season for the last time a Spurs player scored 30 goals in all competitions. Twenty three years we've waited for a repeat of such a dizzying numerical height. In that time we've had plenty to enjoy. The likes of Jurgen Klinsmann, Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov have enthralled the fans. We've also had plenty to bemoan.The less said about Sergi Rebrov, Andy Booth and Grzegorz Rasiak the better. Consistency in a forward position has never been a choose word in the Tottenham Hotspur vocabulary until this season. Whereas before we've had players that have enjoyed purple patches, Harry Kane can lay claim to having one across the entirety of the footballing calender.


Twenty goals in the Premier League

Scored on England début after 80 seconds

Nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year and the grown up version

Captained his club


He'll easily win the Spurs supporters Player of the Year award (unless Arsenal fans hack and hijack the poll and push Roberto Soldado to a 89% victory). He's absolutely adored by the faithful. Why would you not feel proud for an academy player exploding into the team like a supernova lightening up the cosmos? This is school boys own stuff. Of course, keep those feet firmly on the ground as Kane looks ahead, beyond the summer months with second season syndrome lurking in the shadows.

He'll no longer be an unknown threat. He gradually came into his own with each passing week, showcasing vision and touch to accompany his comfort in front of goal and assisting others. Defenders will have him marked down as the one to rough up. Coaches will set players to man-mark him. I'm not worried about it. Ignoring the plaudits and superlative commentary on his rise from Europa League cameos to leading man, Kane is hungry and ambitious. He'll welcome the challenge.

With appearances, confidence and extra time on the training pitch, the kid has turned into man and is embarrassing some of our more experienced players with his attitude and application. Sure, if you wish to embrace cynicism, you might suggest he's peaked. This is as good as he'll get. But do you really believe that? Just remind yourself he's notched 30 goals surrounded by - for the most part - a semi-functional team. Harry, playing along side the likes of Luka Modric, Rafa van der Vaart, Gareth Bale and co would be even better. Development isn't just about the graft you do for personal physical and mental progression. Your team mates can equally define and aid just how good a player you can become.

Kane has the qualities and ethic to step up another level or two. He'll need to refine his play, when to drop deep and when to spearhead. He'll need to combat those pesky opposition defenders. He's set the benchmark for himself now with those 30 goals as expectancy will deem that a target that the history of the past twenty or so years would mock. Arise Harry Kane, you sir have done yourself and your club proud. You've stepped up. I can only wish others would follow suit.




Yes, another Kane article. Whoop whoop! Bring out the bed wetting klaxon and warn everyone away as I'm foaming at the mouth. Love his ascension. Love the fact that opposing supporters hate it.

"Say my name"

"You're Harry Kane"

"You're God damn right"

Keep bringing it.


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