The Premier League is swaying like a drunk smashed out of his skull

Morning. I know this is off topic, but hey, I pay the bills so I can do as I wish. Everyone see the legend that is the anti-hero Emmanuel Adebayor (Manchester City and Togo) sitting being interviewed wearing an Arsenal training top? It was on SSN yesterday and I'm sure you've all seen the photo by now. It's almost as funny as Judas turning out for the scum's reserves last night. Best place for him. The cesspool was missing a swamp thing, but let's not get side-tracked with the man who was obviously created as part of a dark experiment from the DNA of Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot.

I sent out the screen-grab of Ade to some work mates who had not seen this gem of a tv appearance. And got a response back from a Manchester Utd fan that made me smile. Seems the photo inspired him to rant (well, side-track the discussion thread) about Utd's biggest rivals. That's City by the way. According to City fans.

I guess we all hate United, you know, cause they've always got the ref on their side (cough) and always dick us but everyone likes to hate City. And why not? There is plenty of hate to go round and their Chelseaesque manner of progression is unnerving to most. In fact, not to spend too much time praising Chelsea, at least they were almost knocking on the door prior to Roman buying them up. City have practically puked £££ all over football in the hope greed wins the day and contracts are signed.

Not all of their fans are to be scoffed at. Definitely not the fans who feel they've been left soulless by the money poured into the club. More so the other twats who seem to be...well, rather than have it all repeated, I think the Utd fan covered it in his email perfectly:

Well, he’s at the right club now for such a despicable character! (in reference to Adebayor).

Getting sick of reading City fans updates on Facebook. They truly believe that they ‘stole’ Tevez from us and think he went to City for ‘footballing’ reasons and that United are a club in real trouble and likely to do a Leeds.

2 things

a) Tevez didn’t want to play for us – so he can f**k right off, along with anyone else who doesn’t - and didn’t fit in our system very well, too similar to Rooney. Suits their system well hence why he’s doing better. Although Berba isn’t hitting the heights, his touch is infinitely better than Tevez’s. His strengths are coming from deep with the ball at his feet – a la Rooney. Also – he’s not the first (or last I doubt) player to leave United and do better. Forlan left and was the Liga’s top scorer FFS!!!

b) United, like Liverpool, have too much history and hence too much support worldwide to ‘do a Leeds’. There will always be someone who would come in to buy them if things got really sticky as they are established brands and this is business (unfortunately). If the oil heads leave City they’re far more likely to ‘do a Leeds’ – seeing as their fan base stretches from Didsbury all the way to……Stockport.

To be honest, I’d quite like United to have a sustained period of underachievement and drop a division. Get rid of all the plastic fans and get tickets for reasonable prices again.

Rant over. Good night.

I don't mind seeing Utd struggle. If the definition of struggling is to be sat in the position they are sat now whilst competing in the Champions League. And in some ways its great that fans of other clubs (those pesky Sky Sports Top 4 clubs) are taking the time to look behind and notice the likes of us and City and the rest catching up as they slow down. It almost feels like the Premier League is swaying like a drunk smashed out of his skull. A little push and he'll fall, but if you just leave him, he might just fall over anyway. An Arsenal ticket season holder (sitting opposite me) was saying how his team looked completely disinterested against Everton. He doesn't buy the hype about his clubs ambitions either. It's the media hyping up who they consider to be worth hyping up that has everyone confused. In fact nobody is looking worthy at the minute, which means their is a huge (massive Jamie Redknapp would say) possibility that something epically unexpected might happen this season. Unless one of the usual suspects has a mug of strong black coffee and sobers up quick sharp.

I LOL'ed plenty the other morning when the press all claimed they could win the title (in with a shout at the very least). What, after beating Blackburn Rovers? I guess our 3-0 win over them doesn't matter because it was under Mark Hughes and not under their new messiah. You know, the one that wears a City scarf because he believes in The Project©. We are one point behind City. Are we also title challengers? Like I said I know some City fans are unhappy that success might come in this fashion (Arab billions). The others are too busy having tattoos of Messi done on their backs in preparation for his arrival this summer.

I hate Utd. But I like Utd's hatred of City. Mainly because of the way some of their fans have been giving it, vocally. Delusions of grandeur. It's a tag that is usually associated with us. Perhaps I'm as bitter as the Utd fan above who ranted, because we sort of know that thanks to the cracks that have appeared at the top, someone like City is actually that bit closer to their dream. And if they're intolerable now, God forbid how they'll be if they actually won it.

Oh, and the world would implode if we ever got our hands on it. But we all know for all the money we've spent, we've never got close. Nowhere near. But at least our souls, those overly abused tired souls thanks to years of transitional seasons, remain intact. Just about.

Off-topic over and out.

Back later with an update on Spurs. If there are any worthy news items to chat about. Other than the usual Sandro nonsense. And the stories that have us wondering if Harry is about to be pulled into a long running court case that would make his position as manager...ah, let's not even go there.