Build it and they will come

And they will. From Enfield, Chingford and Hertfordshire, in their thousands. BELIEVE.

Stewart Hugo. What a hero. He'll probably get his own brick in the Arsenalistion (no really, its a proper word describing how they plan to turn their home into a very visible stronghold) of the Emirates. Not sure why they're making a big deal out of it considering the work was completed years back. It's called Woolwich.

Anyways, read Hugo's masterpiece here. Apparently he makes the suggestion we don't have any young supporters. Damn that pesky gooner club, churning out teenage supporters via a top secret clandestine project; 'The Boys from South London'. Humourless cloned borgs, drowning in red scarfs. The experiment obviously leaving them devoid of the ability to sing although curiously some have developed muscular spasms that sees them jumping and waving their arms around relentlessly. You'll note they've been grouped all together in the far corner of the ground in the hope nobody will notice this cruel abomination.

Reckon when we DO (ya hear that Hugo?) finish building the new stadium we should Tottenhamlistion it. We could include memorial days in our history like when we bought Raziak and when we sold Raziak and that time we beat Southend in the cup. Or when we sacked Gross, what a party we had on that day. Giddy times.

Special mention to Fabio (now that's what I call a letter) for his kind words. Read the rest of the ranting and support at Haringey Gov site. Stop playa hating Hugo, you absolute melter.