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Spurs win 1-1

In a strange way this single point feels as important as any three we've taken this season. Not in a patronising way. This was hardly little old Tottenham claiming a precious draw against the beastly might of Manchester. This was about validating the desire and determination on show, the persistent and relentless work ethic displayed to get the ball forward and to some how make that incisive break-through. This was about psychology as much as it was about the kicking of a ball.

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Tick tock

"Two points from third place is nothing in the Premier league. It's good to see that third place isn't going away" - Andre Villas-Boas

Do we have enough to make third our own? Ask most Spurs fans and they'll argue we probably don't now that Sandro is out for the rest of the season. Out for the season. Sandro - out, season. No matter how many times I write it or think it I still find myself questioning it. Sandro looks set to miss the next 4 to 5 months or 7 to 8 months depending how positive you wish to be.

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