Morning Spurs fans...

Morning. Good weekend? Can't believe Christmas is over and I'm back to the grind. Guess that rings true for our wee club, as the up and coming fixtures will be (drum roll) season defining. In fact most of what happens this month will be imperative to us continuing 2010 in the same vein as we finished 2009: In form and hungry for more. Shades of 2006 no doubt and a flashback to how easy it is to get too complacent allowing others to catch up. It's not actually quite 2006 though and there are plenty of other clubs very close to us and a poor run of three games can see us looking up at them rather than how things stand at the moment.

I was neither at the FA Cup game over the weekend or managed to catch any extended (downloaded) highlights, if they do in fact exist. I was too busy hitting the bottle. Metaphorically speaking. I was actually choosing bottles, opting for Tommee Tippee over Dr Browns. An afternoon spent with Mrs Spooky rather than anywhere near a radio/tv/turnstile. I did manage to catch ITV's breathtaking highlights show, and the majestic 45 seconds of Spurs highlights. We looked comfortable didn't we? Cracking 45 seconds of footage, four goals tightly squeezed in. When I heard/read reports about Defoe's goal (described in some quarters as a tap in), I was pleasantly surprised when I witnessed our boy guide the ball past the keeper into the far corner, off the side of his boot, all this faced away from the goal. Easy. I guess if he was wearing a red shirt it would lauded over as an exquisite masterful nonchalant touch. Was JD wearing red colours when he scored? No? Then it was a tap in.

I heard Danny Rose was lively when he came on and that we more or less dominated, which is nice to see. Bale also impressing (yeah, okay, it's Posh and not Prem). Modric and Niko starting in the same line-up with it appearing to work balance wise. Might be different against top quality opposition. Another clean sheet (5th on the trot) but a couple of injury concerns. Bassong out for the Liverpool game (last I read), but I think Defoe just has cramp so should be fit. I'd hazard a guess and say Lennon is out for the 14 days he was pencilled to sit out for.

The fact we played a fairly strong side makes me think we are taking this seriously. Which we'll need to do when we face Dirty Leeds at the Lane in the next round. That's the very same Leeds that defeated a God awful Manchester United at Old Trafford. They were complete shit in fact.

Am I the only one laughing at the conspiracy-laced irony that followed during the cup draw for the next round? You know what I'm talking about. We didn't get Manchester United in the 4th round, we got the team that knocked them out - and the ball, initially picked up, was dropped which meant we could have faced an away tie. Didn't work out for you this time did it, Football Association?

Finally, special mention to the News of the World who posted a non-event of a story concerning Spurs (and West Ham players) at a club on a Monday night enjoying drinks. Laughable attempt at trying to stir things up, shot down by Redknapp faster than he can twitch. Suddenly its became almost impossible for players to go out without the hacks jumping all over us.

Keep on bringing it.