And so it begins...

Morning all. Thought I'd drop a blog while I munch my way through my coco-pops (hot milk just like the advert). It's the first of January which is you know what time. Yep, the gates of tabloid hell are open and one thousand demented monkeys are let loose on type-writers, churning out an infinite amount of possibilities in the way of transfer stories, each one delivered by carrier pigeon to every entity of the Murdoch Empire and re-used every few days with different pictures to give us the illusion of development.

It's the January transfer window, and its about to vomit its chunky unsightly sick all over us.

I'm already giddy with excitement thanks to the first new year 'stories'. Bite size carrot chunks already been gagged on. The first one concerns Harry's 'comeback' on Pav's outburst. Roman telling everyone that our gaffer has been mocking him and although it seems that Harry is still citing the Russian as being a good player/footballer, it's a bit of mis-direction leading to how he's now willing to listen to any offers (as long as the offer is of the right kind).

Let's not let this one drag out.

We've also got the Sandro story, which has plodded along for 6 months now. He's close to / has agreed terms. The story suggests he has agreed personal terms but both clubs are trying to work out the transfer. If there are plans afoot to sign him, I'm sure it hasn't been such a long tedious process. As we have a 'relationship' with Internacional and if we've agreed something, its probably already been done and dusted. Then again, considering what we went through with that other Brazilian club (Santos) when we almost/should have signed Diego (sigh) perhaps this is the only way to sign South American players.

The other news item that has me smiling is the one from the Guardian that states:

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp, who has signed 19 players in the last five January transfer windows, says the mid-season transfer window is "a nightmare" and claims the chances of him bringing anybody to Spurs this month are "very, very, very, very slim" - Read it here.

So, that's what? Four verys which makes it very x 4 slim of us signing anyone, but it's not 5 verys or God forbid 6 so I'm reading between the lines here and I'm gonna hazard another one of those guesses and assume (ass, you and me) that Harry is playing down our chances of bringing in some new recruits.

I'll end this afternoons blog (yes, I'm having coco-pops for brunch) by reposting some stats I read over at THFCLatest 2 this morning (copied from elsewhere, so forgive me for not knowing the original source but these types of stats are probably all over the place at the moment):

Tottenham have exactly the same points total from 20 games (37) as the 2005-06 season when they lost out on fourth on the final day.

Only Cesc Fabregas and Ryan Giggs have created more goals than Aaron Lennon in the top flight.

Jermain Defoe has already has his most successful scoring season ever in the Premier League with 14 goals.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We need to consolidate. We need to add something extra to the squad and avoid the potential to fade away.

Be positive. Attack.

What I'm waiting for is for those other more cultured monkeys to get their typewriters out. Not the hacks, the message board ITK sub-communities. Is it just me or have we had a very prolonged quiet time from them recently? Have Spurs chopped down all the trees surrounding the Lodge?

Have a good one today.