Spurs drop out of top 4, Harry out...

Afternoon. Sorry for the lack of blogs in recent days. I've been busy today standing outside WHL demonstrating against the club over our sudden demise and drop from 4th to 5th in the table. One point behind City who are today considered 'title contenders' after their demolition of the football purists Blackburn Rovers as we sat around doing nothing. Rome wasn't built in a day but it took that long to burn down. Harry out. Europa League just ain't good enough.


There's a lull at the minute and I'm sleeping in it. As you can tell by the inane introduction above. Not much going on, I guess all eyes on Hull this weekend and (please please please) a tasty three points to once more return us to our rightful place up in the Gods. In all seriousness, mathematically, you could argue that a title shot is not out of the question.


/more silence


Nah, just fucking witha ya. Of course there was nothing serious in that statement, although how on earth the tabloids churn out the same old knee-jerk every time about the other clubs around us, I do not know. Well I do know, it’s the usual hype machine spitting out bullshit, but tbh, I'd happy to see them building someone else up whilst we quietly go about our business. Call me sceptical, but until Mancini suffers a blip and works around it, I'm not going to sigh in despair. Half way through the season and we've never lost touch with the so called Elite. Do the same from here on in and we'll be proud at the end of it. Obviously ecstatic is a far better emotion than just being proud (which in football often translates to 'good effort you losers'). So still we await for some strengthening of the squad and that ever so important consolidation.

Nothing to report on elsewhere, transfer rumours wise. Joe Cole apparently some say (again). If contract talks break down with Chelsea apparently Harry will go in for him. I guess to offer him the £130K or so Chelsea wont give him. Riiight. Gotcha. Makes perfect sense there.

Did someone say Saviola? He's not even any good in Football Manager anymore. And if people are going to whore players to Spurs can you please be more original and choose a player who isn't a midget. Keane, Defoe, Lennon. It's like the Fellowship of the Yids. Spurs and their fetish for vertically challenged footballers.

Plenty of discussion on Jamie O'Hara in one or two forums. To some he's a good backup player thanks to his heart and effort. Others cry out that he is simply not good enough. One crazy loon today stated he's a future Spurs captain and that he's still young and should be developed.

One weekend without Tottenham and people are losing their minds.

Jamie O'Hara - Yes or no?

Anyways, until something interesting happens, I'll leave you with the story of the day. Backlash? More like end of days.