Just say no to the new 'yellow' Spurs shirt

Ok, so basically, it’s turning into a little bit like Jermaine Jenas. You either love it or hate it. The Marmite factor has once more hit us straight in the face, and in a few days time it will spread outwards from N17 costing you around £40 or so for the privilege of bad taste.


Mock-up of leaked Spurs shirt - Courtesy of Evolution on SC

I’m obviously talking about our new home kit, the one with the yellow streaks. I’m not buying all this ‘yellow is part of our heritage’ crap. Ok, it is, but should not be part of a home shirt which traditionally is all white. It's bad enough reading all the 'Never Red' statements from the club only to have to put up with the red of Mansion bang in the middle of the shirt. And now someone with no sense of understanding has deemed it appropriate to add in the yellow bits. Ironically, people will buy the shirt regardless of what it looks like. It’s the loyalty thing messing with your mind. You weak weak people.

Just say no.

There’s a petition here. Sign it. Let the revolution begin.

For anyone who thinks this is a pointless waste of time (which I guess it will be considering the shirt has probably already gone to ‘print’) then browse away now. The rest of you can also protest simply by not purchasing the shirt. Although, to be honest, I haven't bought a home shirt for around 4 years now. I guess dressing myself up as a footballer in a replica shirt is something I've always found to be a tad silly. As for anyone with kids, have a word. Get 'em a classic ageless replica shirt instead.

It’s possible (but unlikely) that it will grow on me and I will look back on this in embarrassment. I can live with being wrong. I'm gonna hazard a guess it will never grow on me.

All things in perspective, things could have been a lot worse.

A lot lot worse.



Newcastle United, thanks again for cheering me up.