2009/2010 Tottenham Summer Transfer Sweepstake

Day 29 since the end of the season. And still absolutely nothing has happened. This is becoming a weekly ritual and I apologise if I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. I guess I'm anxiously waiting to see one piece of ITK info leaked online hours before a transfer happens, so that we can all sit back knowingly knowing that we knew it was going to happen before it actually (officially) happened. But this is a little bit like expecting Zokora to hit the target. It's crazy talk, sheer crazy talk.

I'm afraid to say it's all gone a little Big Brother on us. Couple of million people watching, nothing going on and no signs of any new housemates.

There is of course the cute distraction of the Confederations Cup, which has provided some light-hearted entertainment. But I can't take any tournament that makes Robinho look world-class seriously.

So instead, all we can do is speculate and read between the lines. Just like last week and the week before that. Cue a quick round-up...

Plenty of air miles covered with Levy out in Madrid. Although why he was out there is uncertain to most. Was it to speak to Real Madrid about their available players for transfers (or loans)? Was it conduct talks with Sevilla over the transfer of Zokora (yes, I know my geography, but maybe their reps travelled to meet him). Only thing that's happened is that Didier for the minute isn't going to La Liga, thanks to our overpriced evaluation. Comolli rated him because of his engine and athleticism and some how missed the lack of the all important first touch and passing qualities during his scouting missions. Which is a little like watching The Deer Hunter and calling it an excellent movie, disregarding that never-ending wedding scene that for me wrecked the whole experience. Ok, that analogy sucked but I've been wanting for an outlet to slag off the Deer Hunter for a while now and I'm going to take it. Apart from the Russian roulette scenes its shit. It's just not that great a movie. There are better options out there.

Moving on.

It's gone quiet on Ashley Young too. And no news on Bent to Sunderland. Huddlestone is still with us, and his moment in the spotlight last week was when a photo-shopped photo of him sporting a gut and holding a McDonalds takeaway bag (standing topless alongside Lennon and others in a holiday snapshot) found itself the centre-piece of a Daily Mail article that pointed out that it was more than likely a fake. Cheers for that. I desperately found myself needing confirmation.

Elsewhere, I can still only find circumstantial evidence that Pascal Chimbonda is a Spurs player, and I'm waging it will be proved for certain when he's sold and we get the money from the transfer fee. Reckon that would qualify as hard evidence that he is (was) a player under contract with the club. Until then, we live in darkness. Gomes is happy at WHL, and why not? He rammed all the negatives back down the throats of the critics so long may his good form continue.

Roman is also hanging around according to his agent who told everyone last week he was going but apparently it was one of those zany mis-quote interviews and thus, the player is actually content at Spurs. Can't say the same for this time next Monday. Talking of mis-quotes, nothing much on Bentley over the weekend and no apology from The Sun over their alleged fabricated interview which according to someone who was with David, he (Bentley) never gave the interview. Controversy. Which is neither here or there because as discussed last week, he will probably end up at Villa anyhow.

But when? When will we dance a jig of joy and punch the air upon hearing the news that there's a new Lilywhite? Considering there are just a few days to go before the club unveil the new yellow on white home kits, we'd going to need a hefty piece of good news to help with equilibrium and avoid unrest.

So with the continuing lull, it's sweepstake time. I don't have anything to give away, although if you happen to hit the right day and right player, you'll be able to buzz off the fumes for a week thanks to the prestige bestowed upon you.

When will Tottenham Hotspur announce their first summer signing? Date and time and players name.

I'm pencilling in the 3rd July as the day of glory. Player? Huntelaar. Time? Around 5pm.

First player to be sold? Me thinks Bent, on the 1st July to Sunderland, 10pm.

Let the games begin...