Robbie Keane off on 'loan' again?

Morning. If you frequent the Tottenham message boards and various other blogs, including this one, you'll know that there's been this pesky little rumour about Robbie Keane being unhappy. It changes from one day to the next. Apparently he wants out, then he doesn't (its exaggerated) then he does again. Others disapprove citing the fact that he has recently become a father again and that moving all the way up to Sunderland is simply out of the question. I'm more curious as to the reason (behind the sad face). Does he feel that having returned from the his shattered Anfield dream that he is somehow tainted back at Spurs? It doesn't quite feel the same as it did before? If you believe he is off, you might also believe he has a clause in his contract that states he has to play every game (and not get subbed).

I don't know. Personally don't want to believe this is true. I like him and regardless of the fact that he did not shine as bright as he did for us before he moved to Liverpool, he was still instrumental in that initial upsurge of determination that got us out of trouble.

If he is genuinely unhappy and he only ever returned to us because we offered him the only viable escape route at the time, then it's all a bit of a mess and the depression might be partly down to him knowing deep down he should never have left int he first place.

From pure football logistics, the reason why we might consider selling him is that Keane returning to Spurs was a little on the panic side of things. Redknapp prefers Defoe, or at least a player of his ilk, partnered up with a big tall striker. So Harry might simply decide that there is no room for the both of them. Something Spurs fans have always argued (the two little men can't play together).

I guess we sit back and wait for the 'Crouch to Spurs' rumours to hit the message boards.