Modric to Utd?

Get a grip. It won't happen. Although one or two Spurs fans are worried that Fergie, rather than do the obvious and spend most of the Ronaldo windfall on a 'superstar' signing like Augero or Ribery or the lad from Lyon, Benzema - he'd prefer to spend a little less on proven Premiership quality such as Valencia and possibly Modric. More for your money sort of ethic rather than replacing one £80M player with a £60M one, which is what Ribery may cost, thanks to the mad mad footballing world we live in - completely detached from the reality of the economic crisis the world sits in.

Ironically, the dawn of the new Galacticos at Madrid means that every next best thing is going to be valued at an even more ridiculous price, leading to chaos and probable melt-down at a later date. Or maybe not.

Zidane was probably worth the £45M or so paid out by that zany Pérez. But even that was an incredible figure to part with but Real made the money back in silverware and shirt sales. Is Kaka worth £59M? Is Ronaldo worth more than both of them in a direct comparison? How much would Messi go for?

I guess these type of transfers will remain isolated in that it's always Madrid who do the buying, and in desperation are able to sign anyone for the most inflated of prices simply because they can.

So with the £80M set to burn a pretty hefty hole in his pocket (or sitting in a shoe box under the Glazers bed) one or two seem to suspect that Utd might look across to White Hart Lane once more to see what bargain they can pick up.

Modric and Lennon for £40M? <insert tumbleweed here>

The £30M spent on a certain moody Bulgarian has burnt Fergies fingers a little which will hopefully have him turning towards Germany and Ribery.

In all seriousness, our Modric isn't quite at the level that would have Utd knocking at our door. They've lost a superstar, so they need to draft in someone with the same sort of status.

Man Utd are one of the biggest clubs in the world with a small fortune at their mercy. The last place they're going to turn up at with a cheque book is N17. They want to win the league again, not finish 4th.

Fergie would do well in pinching Sneijder from Madrid. Quality player without the Hollywood hype.