Daniel Levy ready to seduce the devil

It was always going to happen. With the new stadium development in full swing, the club are fluttering their eyelashes at the corporate potential a new ground posesses, which financially (it would seem) is impossible for them to ignore.

Welcome Tarquin. I hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure you visit the club shop.

If you’re a member/season ticket holder you’ll have received a survey asking for your valued opinions relating to a lavish VIP area that will consist of all things non-football. You know, like wi-fi and padded chairs. And the hook? Long-term purchase of seats. 10 year ownership. The bane of the Emirates.

Welcome to the Tottenham Hotspur Founder seats. American Express Platinum at the ready.

Initially I actually thought it would be some sort of scheme for the common man to hold onto their seats for a decade. But then what common man could possibly afford forking out for these exclusive cinemaesque thrones? I guess just the common man turned self-made millionaire who wouldn’t blink at writing out a 20k cheque for the privilege of a few hours of luxury with around 90 minutes of football thrown in somewhere in the middle, if they’re actually interested in the football. With a free subscription to What Prawn? magazine they maybe otherwise engaged.

The stereotype alarm is ringing in my ears. Yes, rich people can enjoy football too, but its best enjoyed from a normal seat with minimum distractions. Anyone willing to sit on a corporate balcony with a waitress serving ribs is quite obviously missing the point. But there’s tragically a market for this type of thing. Football is no longer about just the common man with his plastic bottle of beer and pie in hand. It’s an entertainment industry and the plans Levy and co have is the next logical progression from the almost low-key in comparison, executive box. Bigger stadium, bigger scope. Plastics bottles replaced with plastic fans.

I don’t want to appear to be repeating the same things that you may have already read on the subject (NorthLondonPride has more or less hit the same nail on the head) so apologies if I appear to be echoing the obvious sentiments.

(Levy you can) Cater for this minority if you so wish if it helps pay the bills but do try to wash away the getting into bed with the devil ethics of giving them the benefits of priority applications to cup and away games. Not that I could possibly imagine any of them socialising with the Park Lane boys on a trip to Stoke. But still. Loyalty should be served up to the ones who have been here all their lives. Hopefully the survey results will be positive in our favour. Best to find another way of paying the bills.

So far all the development plans have been spot on. Crowd nearer to the pitch than other newly built stadiums is a nice touch for bread and butter supporters. Why would I possibly need a leather cushioned seat with extended leg room and pre-match hot buffet when a cheeky burger will do while I stand up for the whole game singing at full pelt? But the problem is, such a seat is not meant for the likes of me.

Founder members wall plaque that will be displayed publically? How about a statue of Sir Bill Nicholson? A wall full of Tarquins is vanity driven drivel. Although the ‘meet the chairman’ event isn’t something I would dismiss out of hand. Although the court order would.

I guess the question, to avoid an Emirates/Wembley style lack of atmosphere, is just how many of these Founder Seats are the club going to make available? If it remains a very small minority that isn’t detrimental to the rest of the ground, then I probably won’t bat an eyelid. Let alone flutter one.

Looking forward to the update on the survey results.