Klaas Jan Huntelaar 'linked' to Spurs

Here we go again. Well, it was bound to happen.

Apparently Levy is flying out to Madrid to negotiate the transfer of the Dutch striker, who Real spent £20M for last season.

Linkage to the story here.

Obviously I'm not dancing a jig of joy for two reasons. This may well be just some continental tabloid guess-work much like the work of the English red tops we laugh at every morning. With Madrid building a new version of the Galacticos there will be plenty of goings to help balance in the comings (ooh). Also, just how good is Klaas? He has hardly been given a chance and has only scored 8 goals in 20 apperances. With Villa on his way from Valencia, he may pushed further out of the running for a starting spot. Is he cut out for the EPL?

Interestingly, this has broken out in the press first rather than the seedy underbelly of a private membership Spurs message board, so lets see how long it takes for our pesky club insiders to update us with the latest on this particular piece of whorage. So no word just yet from the ITK grapevine yet, although many of them still believe Ruud is on his way to the Lane although the suggestions in the tabloids are we are unwilling to fork out 70K + per week. Snag hit there.

Huntelaar will be cheaper wage wise, although the fee will no doubt be steep. He cost Madrid a cool £20M.

Believable factor? I'd say about 70% we are interested or poking around with questions about his availability.

But wasn't he a player targeted by the likes of Manchester United prior to his move to La Liga? Linked to Utd, signs for Madrid, ends up at Tottenham.

Hmm. Believable factor dropping down into the sixties.

I have a 'man' out in Spain who supports the White Storm so have asked him if he knows anything about this and if there are any whispers out in Madrid about the players availability. Will update this blog post after I've spoken to him with any relevant update.

Loving these slow-news days, right? Makes a change to reading yet another 'Cisse to Spurs' headline I guess.