Open bus parade cancelled in East London (2-0 to the Lilywhites)

West Ham still are rivals, right?

No blood and thunder in this derby match. It was akin to a giant swallowing a feather. Slight tickle on the tongue, hardly noticed, and not a chance in hell of choking.

They were never in it. Very comfortable, embarrassingly so. Shame we couldn't carve up a few more slices of goal mouth action and stuff them, but can't complain at all. 2-0, another clean sheet and very little to complain about. No complacency at all, unlike what happened against Stoke and Wolves. West Ham were plucky in parts in the second half, but never threatening. Not helped by injuries, including the one to Scott Parker that appeared to play a part in allowing Luka the freedom of the midfield to race in for his first goal of the season. Welcome back little man.

Modric (starting and finishing the move for that goal) appeared to galvanise one or two players with his mere presence. I guess the lack of Claret and Blue presence also helped, but credit where it's due. Huddlestone was influential, Palacios biting like a mosquito on speed. We'll have to perhaps wait a little longer to see if Modric in the middle and Niko on the left can work, but no doubt, the line-up that started did.

We clicked and dominated possession. Lennon and Corluka enjoying plenty going forward. Defoe always a menace. The only humbug was perhaps the impossibility of a post-match DVD release cometh the final half an hour as we still sat on a 1-0 lead. There was no Wiganesque demolition job here. Not that WH ever really looked like scoring anyway. But sometimes crazy shit happens, and you can suddenly find yourself pegged back. But I guess another positive about this Spurs side is that there was no collapse evident at any stage and in the end, we put it to rest with a great goal made by Defoe, for himself, teasing with speed and urgency outside the box, lashing it in, off Green and back to him for yet another lash - this time finding the net. Everything in between the first and second goal was easy on the eye. Highly enjoyable afternoon, but we need to discover the guile for that ruthlessness that turns this from a Sky+ recording of MOTD2 to club shop merchandise heaven.

And also, special extra mention for JD - yellow-carded for celebrating with fans by allowing an embrace or two to engulf him when he made it 2-0. Much like Cesc Fabregas did at the Emirates yesterday. Score and celebrate with fans. He got yellow carded too. Yep. He suuuuuuuuure did. Hmm.


Do we get to keep the cup?

As for top 4 - we need to consolidate and to do that we need to step up an extra gear. Up to Harry to make sure the players remain focused. The way this season is panning out, anything is possible, so I'm neither jigging nor scratching chin. I'm waiting to see how things pan out, but to be honest, my dancing shoes are on. Fuck it, may as well wear our hearts on sleeves. Its what we do best. And if we get something at Anfield...

Think Liverpool will come back into it at some stage soon, and add City and Villa to the mix - its cat and mouse at the moment. Still no sign of anyone truly grabbing the Prem by the scruff of the neck. I'm enjoying it though. How can any Spurs fan not? Our next 6 games are perhaps season defining (how many times have we heard that?). In fact, screw the rest of them. We need to focus completely on what we do going forward. Let them play catch up rather than sigh when someone above us drops points. We need to have them chasing us. I guess this is where we find out if the players - and Harry - actually believe.

It's been a decent Christmas. 4th going into 2010. Not sure what to make of our gaffers comments about not having anyone in mind, re: transfers. He doesn't think we need to cause ripples with further headache selections, but when he cites '4 forwards' you have to wonder if his tongue is firmly embedded in cheek. Is Pav really still a choice?

Sorry, can't muster too much else at the moment. I'm still sick, bloodshot eyes, head-thumping headaches. It's the end of days over here at the moment. But still smiling. If I'm not back on-line before 2010, enjoy what's left of this year. And cast your minds back to where we sat just before Redknapp took the helm. Facebook Relegation Party, what became of you?

For now...we're forever bursting...