Back in time for the cup final...

Good Christmas? I had a fairly wonderful Xmas Eve and day, spent with close family, drinking twenty three year old Guatemalan rum and eating plenty. Boxing Day was altogether a rather less pleasant experience. Was meant to be a day spent again with relatives (turkey and mash) after a brief drink or two in the local pub. If it wasn't bad enough that the pub in question was West Ham (Buckhurst Hill), we managed to consume a ridiculous amount of triples, quadruples and shots rendering some of us devoid of the ability to either talk or walk. All this in the space of three hours. There was no dinner (over-cooked and the host almost sliced his finger off when attempting to carve it). Plenty of arguing (the sober ones did not take well to our state and late arrival back) and I apparently spent the next two and half hours hugging the toilet and shivering. I had turned a horrid shade of green. What a light weight. I don't remember much else and what I do (in the form of flashbacks) would be preferable to have remained forgotten. Oh the joys of the festivities. It's all in the name of baby Jesus.

I've seen nothing of the Fulham v Spurs game so read this if you want a quick summary. Family members and friends have told me it was a fair result in the end with Gomes making some pretty ace saves. Great goal for us disallowed thanks to some shabby decision making from the ref. We looked more up for it after JD and Modric came on. And thanks to the organisation of Fulham we spent the early parts of the game hoofing it. Happy with a point then. 3rd clean sheet on the trot. Hopefully tomorrow things will be a little more tidy offensively. Clinical and ruthlessness is the key because I couldn't possibly stomach a Wolves/Stoke type of game/performance.

It's not been a bad half season has it? In fact, it's been pretty good, lots to improve on with steps forward rather than falls backwards. Hopefully we'll remain on track after tomorrow. We do love playing the Hammers. I'm completely out of sorts with the latest news, ITK info and selection teasers - but glad to see Dawson and Bassong continuing their partnership and Gomes with the much deserved plaudits for his keeping. Would like to see Moddle play a bigger part tomorrow also. Might be the right type of game for him, space wise. We'll see.

If there are any major talking points, let me know. Think of this as a self-service blog. You write the content. I'll play catch-up from Tuesday.