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Stadium of bite

Another day, another Spurs win totalling seven with two draws and one defeat in our last ten (all comps). It's been a solid December. A strong festive period. Plenty to shout about and the usual assortment of reminders that fixes are still required as we look to bid farewell to 2012 and welcome what will hopefully be a fulfilling 2013 with big goofy smiles on our faces.

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Demand it

I'm now on cruise control for the festive period. Annual leave so no working distractions. A rum per night is Santa's delight. But whilst my feet are up I'm hoping Tottenham's don't touch the ground either. Just expect a little more dynamism from our boys in Lilywhite compared to my brisk walk from living room to kitchen fridge and back.

Much like Christmas itself, the fixture list can leave some feeling bloated, head in hands nursing a migraine. Except, if you feast on points (and the odd pint in celebration) it will be your points tally bloated and the only migraine will be that of your opponents.

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