An Important Announcement

My community service has ended. But I am far from being free. It seems as part of my probation I cannot be the instigator of demonstrations against the club or chairman unless they are official and have been agreed by the police. I am still banned from the vicinity of Daniel Levy’s estate and the West Stand at WHL. I have been advised that in order to prove that I am not a menace I have to display patience and respect. My season ticket has not been revoked, but the club will be keeping an eye on me.

This obviously means the indefinite postponement of the 4th Annual Anti-Levy March. It also means that I am now limited to White Hart Lane and the Lodge (where anyone can turn up if they so wish).

Also as part of my probation I have to attend anger-management sessions once per month. And that part of my assessment will be the monitoring of this blog. It would appear I have a negative personality and that I attack for the sake of attacking and that I should aim to have a non-aggressive re-active personality.

Now before you all think I’ve been brainwashed or blackmailed (with the threat of further legal actions), do not fret. I wont be silenced. Freedom of speech etc. I have to show restraint when it comes to taking things one step further than I should. It’s also been suggested that I need to socialise more with other fans. Other fans who respect and admire the work of Levy. I’m out of touch with the majority apparently. Can’t you believe that?

I now know how Jesus Christ felt. Jesus and I are quite similar. We are both outspoken and completely committed to our beliefs and preachings. Jesus used the huddle to get his message across. I use e-mail and letters and this blog. But people doubted him, the same way they doubt me and Jesus was crucified having been betrayed by Judas. Now, although Sol Campbell didn’t press charges when I organised the surviving members of the Village People to turn up outside his home and sing, he did make a statement which was used against me at the start of all these proceedings. Christ was crucified. And in some ways, so have I. But even though he came back from the dead, he decided to move on. I however will not opt for the Biblical comparison here, preferring the Da Vinci version. Just without the prostitute and living in France.

Anyways, like I said, don’t fret. The revolution will never die. I now have to prove the pen is mightier than the sword.