Levy gets Bent

Announced to the stock exchange. We have spunked £16.5M on Darren Bent. I'm sure that Spurs will now look to sell both Mido and Defoe, and claim some of it back (from Defoe's transfer, not Mido's who we need to pay for someone to take him off us).

Is Darren Bent worth 16 million quid? Of course not. Much like Torres isn't worth £20M. Or Carrick £18M. But that's football. Overspending and overrating. Charlton have come out of this smiling. I'm still trying to tell myself that this is in no way a step towards Spurs protecting themselves over the possibility that Berbatov will leave the club next summer.

However, I will go away and think about this one. It's been suggested that I am being negative with this transfer due to my hatred of Daniel Levy.

So. I will come back to this with a clear mind and decide whether I approve.