Kit Launch Review

Friday evening (going past midnight) into Saturday was the launch of the new kit at the Spurs shop. Now, you would think this was a grade-A opportunity for me to demonstrate a boycott or perhaps chain myself to an immovable object in one of the corridors within the Walk of Fame. Sadly, having been given clearance to attend this I was held back into the shadows of the ordinary fans due to the electronic tag on my ankle.

So, I’m afraid I don’t have much in the way of excitement to report. I queued up for several hours but then rejected entering the Spurs shop on principle stating that I would not pay extortionate prices for the shirts or any other merchandise in the shop. A peaceful and articulate statement was made. No scuffles or handcuffs on this occasion.

This meant entry into the club was not permitted because I had no ticket (which gets issued with a purchase of the new home shirt). Commercial fascism at its very worst. I told the club representative that I preferred to spend my time looking for a cab on Tottenham High Road wearing a t-shirt that stated ‘WHITE POWER’ rather than endure the Walk of Shame.

Also, I’d like to go on record to say that Billy Wingrove is over-rated. The bloke is nothing but a one-trick pony and has no sense of humour. If he had any skill, he’d be able to avoid my two-footed sliding tackle and not cry about it after. Fucking lightweight.

The only thing of note was that I momentarily spoke to Martin Jol. The big man was there to kick-start proceedings, shaking the hands of the waiting fans and smiling for photos.

I asked him what he thought the future held for him. Resignation or the sack? He said something in Dutch. Not sure what, but sounded similar to what Edgar Davids once said to me when I tried to kiss him on the cheek.

Wasted night, should have spent it watching the live coverage of the Big Brother housemates sleeping on E4.