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I'm in one of those moods. Slightly detached and disinterested. I'm busy with work and too tired to play. I've only caught snippets of news so far this week from quickly dipping my feet into the muddy waters of social media. Got some musings to share, so will just throw them all at this blog and whatever mess I make you're free to clear it out of your cache.

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Defying gravity and the laws of footballing physics

Three games to save his job they said. So he won the three games. Does it really matter what they say any more? This continued congestion of narratives dominates headlines rather than thoughtful analysis and consumption of just the facts. Lose a couple, you're in crisis. Win a couple, you're back in the chase. Take a step back and attempt to look at the bigger picture and you'll see what you're meant to see rather than the drama others wish to portray.

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