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With all the self-doubting, the concerns of stubbornness, the plan A that doesn't quite work and the lack of a plan B, I still feel absolutely invincible when I look over to our squad and see Sandro staring right back at me. Immense player, immense personality and a winners mentality personified.

Quotes from Evening Standard, Daily Mail.


“Some of them are like me when I arrived — they will need a bit of time to adapt to the English game, the club, the way we play. But this team can fight to win something this season, to be a top team.

We shouldn’t be down. There is no need to think ‘oh my God, what’s happening?’ We have to trust in ourselves and have the positive mindset that ‘we will win, we will score’. If we feel down, we will just keep going down.”


“The manager is a great guy, a great coach and will be fine. It’s unfair for him to be under pressure and he doesn’t deserve it.

The coach helped me a lot when he came [in the summer of 2012] because my English was still only so-so. I could understand it but when he came we could communicate in Portuguese and he helped me with my game.

It’s normal in football to have to live with expectations. It’s our life. We are under pressure all the time so footballers and the coach have to win. Now because we are a big team the pressure on us to win is even greater but we are not in a bad position."


“I am still working to get to my full level. I am about 93 per cent, so I’m nearly there. I can’t play two games a week, every week at the moment.

My schedule has to be managed so I may be able to play two matches one week, then maybe one the next. I just need to build up my strength and match fitness but I feel great. I just think about playing every week, winning matches with Spurs. I am looking forward to being 100 per cent.”


"We have to give a little more to be up there; to win the Premier League. We have to win more at home. Win, win, win. The top teams, who win the title, just keep winning. Win, win, win. How good can this team be? Wow. If you look at the squad one by one you say “Why can’t we fight for the title?” But it’s hard. You have to show that in every game.

We have to go to Manchester City and win — like we beat Manchester United at Old Trafford last season."


"If you are second you are nowhere"


That'll do for me. Don't mind skipping 4th altogether. That spot and Spurs don't mix too well.



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