Bored of the Taarabt

Afternoon Sports fans.

If you haven't read my latest letter to Daniel Levy then shame on you. Just click here if you missed it.

As for this article, quick run-down of today's news. Nothing fancy, straight to the point.



He's obviously content with his form and he's now talking about the possibility of staying at the club and even shown some belief in challenging for 4th between now and the end of the season. Keep on scoring and it's win win. I still don't think Redknapp fancies him much, and he'll still claim the credit for the rejuvenated Russian in what was a clever reverse psychological trick to inspire the Russian back into first team duty, innit Harry? Even though desperation called upon his selection. I'm just happy it's positive translated quotes we are reading rather than sulking about being bullied/ignored/not allowed to leave. I still see him moving on in the summer. Him talking about staying just aids Spurs in adding an extra million or two onto his transfer fee.


Might be back for the Chelsea game. This news has me salivating. Would give us an additional edge to be able to re-introduce Aaron back into the side. Realistically, might take a few games for him to get back to full match fitness which means Bale still has a massive job for us to do. But just imagine Bale on the left and Azza on the right. I'm salivating again. Just not out of my mouth.


On his way, so say the Brazilians (press/clubs president). So I guess we have another not-the-finished-article player on his way as an alternative CM option. He's highly rated. So there's a good chance we'll follow tradition and half destroy his career. I jest. I think we can all agree that when dealing with South Americans, the transfer negations are always prolonged and ridiculous - jam-packed with conflicting quotes and denials. But the only thing we need to concern ourselves with relates to whether this is a huge gamble on our part considering there are better options (just too expensive) and if we are perhaps nothing more than a stepping stone for him to use as a shop window to then move onto Spanish or Italian football. Although France and Portugal has been a far more common destination for South Americans in the past for new arrivals. Guess we would feel blessed.

I'm shocked and surprised this is actually going to happen. But I'm going to hold on until he's at the Lodge holding up a Spurs shirt before I raise a glass. I hope he lives up to the hype. Talking of which...


We always over-rate our youth players, whether they are Academy or signed young. It's because we've had little success in promoting kids and developing them to first team squad members. We've got plenty of young players at Spurs that are highly rated, players who have enjoyed success in prestigious youth tournaments around the world and represented their club at youth levels. And yet no one knows just how good Bostock really is and if the rest of the 16-18 year olds genuinely have what it takes. Perhaps we expect too much too soon.

Taarabt, bless him, thinks he's the bollocks. Yes, he has the fancy tricks and is quite obviously confident and has self-belief in his abilities, but he's raw. He has produced some worthy cameos for QPR, but hasn't held down a place consistently. I just don't think he has the right attitude or temperament. It's easy to be critical of Spurs and say its another example of the player not being developed and looked after. But if the kid has no footballing brain - i.e. doesn't do the simple things first before the fancy stuff - then there's little hope of getting through to him. He never wanted to go on loan, so either Harry is lying when he says he rates him and just wanted rid, or Adel wants what Adel wants and nothing less.

He says he regrets signing for us and should have gone to Arsenal. I'm sure he'd have lasted 5 minutes there much like that other arrogant self-important twat, Pennant. Remember the hype surrounding him?

Off you trot Adel, you silly little boy. I know there's talk amongst some of the Spurs faithful that he should be thrown into the side and be allowed to express himself, but I've seen nothing yet to suggest he could handle the responsibility. He's all talk, no action. He's not bothered with football in this country. He'll do well in Spain no doubt, probably because he'll apply himself accordingly to suit his ego. Although there are plenty of elements in La Liga that are not to dissimilar to the EPL. He'll continue to blow hot and cold and frustrate for years to come.

That is all.