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This isn't our train

It's been just over a year since the 1882 movement was birthed with the aim to support and belong to the shirt, singing hearts out no matter where and no matter what. When The Fighting Cock started this we didn't quite expect so many supporters to be interested in following the youth team with the purpose of showing the kids the same level of committed support as the first team get.

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Singing in the rain

Atmosphere at the Lane was a little diluted even with 1882 in amongst the Park Lane blocks. 1882 started out as something for the youth games, to bring supporters together to sing for the shirt and feel pride and love for Tottenham regardless of the team we were watching and the importance of the game. It works best when we're grouped together. Anyone that went to Charlton away in the FA Youth Cup last season or the Barca nextgen game or Maribor will tell you its an incredible experience. Says a lot about the modern game when it takes this for football fans to feel like they've completely changed their match day experience.

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Another night under the floodlights

Another Thursday night game under the floodlights, another 1882 occasion. Considering the minus temperatures, I'm probably not the only one welcoming what should be another glorious non-stop singing session at White Hart Lane which should warm the cockles of our hearts.

Charlton in the FA Youth Cup last season. Barcelona at the Lane in the NextGen. Maribor at the Lane in the Europa League and this evening against Panathinaikos. Coventry in the FA Cup will be the next one. It's all about momentum, it's all about giving the team relentless vocal support. This all started out as a means to enjoy football again without any constraints and the pressures of expectation. Which is why it started out as a youth game meet-up of like-minded individuals that just want to sing for the shirt. There's been a fair few articles written by myself (on this blog) and by others over at The Fighting Cock.

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'You're not singing Maribor'

Well done to everyone who turned up and sang for ninety minutes up in the top corner of the Shelf, Block J. It made such a difference on the night and it proved that there are plenty of like-minded individuals who desire the same match-day experience, to sing continuously without complacency no matter what is happening on the pitch but to also be reactive and proactive at the same time (for example, singing after the Lloris/Naughton mistake and into half-time). The reaction from the rest of the ground wasn't as relentless in response, but perhaps others that witnessed it and couldn't start a song in their block might wish to be part of 1882 next time round. 

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We'll play how we want

Tottenham 3 Maribor 1

Middle ground, discovered and conquered. Although it remains to be seen if we plant a flag and set up camp or move onto more familiar territory. Andre Villas-Boas, with new hair cut and new formation. On paper, a more traditional 442 with both Defoe and Adebayor in the starting line-up. In actuality, it was not too dissimilar to the usual 451 variant but with key differences. Adebayor's inclusion gave us a more refined shape and purpose. The link up play he provided for midfield to attack was imperative to the flow and fluidity of our movement. It rejuvenated us. Sure, with two forwards you can argue it's still a 442 even if one of the forwards is deep-lying and not too dissimilar to the role Dempsey has in the side. Adebayor sacrificing time up front, taking markers with him and freeing Defoe's predatory instincts. Call it what you want on paper, but out on the pitch it worked wonders.

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Turn up Tottenham

Another European night at the Lane. Mid-week, under the flood lights. Who cares who the opponent is when everyone is there to see Tottenham? Or hope to see Tottenham, at the very least some reminiscence of what we expect on these types of occasions. Whether Tottenham perform is another question altogether. We've yet to do so convincingly this season at White Hart Lane.

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Block J, White Hart Lane

Tonight we play Maribor at The Lane. The 1882 movement will be up in Block J of the Shelf stand.

We expect a night of fantastic atmosphere in a battle of noise with the passionate Slovenian support.

We hope to match them song for song in an attempt to drive the team forward to a victory we desperately need if we’re going to make it out of the group stages of the Europa League.

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