Turn up Tottenham

Another European night at the Lane. Mid-week, under the flood lights. Who cares who the opponent is when everyone is there to see Tottenham? Or hope to see Tottenham or at the very least some reminiscence of what we expect on these types of occasions. Whether Tottenham perform is another question altogether. We've yet to do so convincingly this season at White Hart Lane.

There's been a lack of energy not just on the turf but also in the stands. Both the team and the supporters, feasting on each other's misery and failing to come to life in the aftermath thanks to bloated depression. We've been waiting for some spark at the Lane. Some magic. Something that doesn't come with a label tagging it the 90 minutes as disappointment.

We've taken the Europa League moderately seriously so far. We've combined first teamers with youth players but not in a dismissive way. The teams are good enough to win games. We've just not won any. However, even with strength we've under performed. Sometimes a little to casual in our approach. Not enough desire and tenacity. If we want to progress we have to look at nothing less than three points this evening and another three when the Greeks visit N17. There is no room left for complacency. It's been reserved for bullish urgency and complete focus. Let's hope they're not too late in turning up.

With the Wigan game fresh in all of our minds and the continued fragmented opinions on our coach, my hope is those present this evening will forget about the immediate past and look to the moment and create some much needed noise. As Villas-Boas stated, it's about positivity. Which means he has a role to play also in making sure we're offensively positive in how we set ourselves up.

The players are equally accountable, what with their admittance of dissatisfaction concerning their display in the 1-0 defeat last weekend. Everyone has a job to do. The job needs to get done.

This is more than just a European night. It's about confidence and belief. We have to prove we have both. City away next, then Arsenal.


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