Once upon a time I'd spend my nights writing articles for this here website, richly drenched in snappy satire. These days it's nigh impossible thanks to the parody that football has become. True to form we spend most of our time talking about everything that doesn't involve the actual kicking of the ball.

Today, this morning to be exact, Archway Metal - the single remaining business sitting on the land where the fabled Northumberland Development Project remains dormant - was set on fire. Accidentally? On purpose? We don't know. Cue investigation. Cue a potential delay with the stadium. Cue more headaches for all involved; Club, the family business and the supporters.

The timing of all this isn't great but then there's no great time when a place of business goes up in smoke? Have a quick look at social media and you'll see every conceivable (and possibly libellous) theory shared and joked about. I have no idea what this means for either Archway (insurance pay out, re-build) or for the CPO process and the acquisition of the land where the burnt building resides. Days after the club met with the Supporters Trust and cited how difficult its been in attempting to find closure with Josif Josif (the owner), this happens. You hope and pray nobody (a third party with connections, a third party with no connections) has been stupid enough to get involved and that the explanation in the end is related to an electrical fault rather than something far more sinister.

The underlying crux of it all is everyone sorted of kinda guessed this might end up happening. The only thing that should matter at this very moment in time is the family run business that has suffered this devastation. If you care to detach yourself from that, with purely selfish Spurs sentiments in heart and mind, this is yet another Greek tragedy we could do without.