Action greater than Words


Minutes from the latest meeting can be found here:

Carefully answered questions. The Trust can't turn up with pitchforks and fire. The club are well aware this was a PR opportunity to attempt to reclaim some ilk of respect. Most of it is old news or confirmation of what we sort of kinda know already. Biggest thing for me was the expected 'keeping our options open' re: ground share. Regardless of the form of the team, when that decision is made I'd be keen to see if we can collectively react to it with some passion. So many were nonplussed about the move to Stratford I worry that people love to shout but would rather someone else turns up to fight the fight. I'll march down the High Street for something like this. Would you?

Other highlights.

BAE is still being paid to do nothing. Truly a hipster. So cool a footballer he can't even be arsed to play football.

Archway have rejected countless offers from Spurs over the years. Allegedly, according to Spurs they keep changing their minds. Others (including Archway) suggest Spurs haven't offered much and are trying to mug them off. Both blatantly looking after their business, both wanting what's best. One is embracing greed more than the other. Both taking the absolute p*ss. Nine years? Twelve years? How long does it take to shake hands and move on?

At the time of publishing, Archway is on fire. Hoping this was an accident of some kind. Supposedly the owners suspect arson. This is the very last thing everyone needed.

There is no longer a special relationship between THFC and Real Madrid. This probably has something to do with us not having any players Madrid would like to steal away from us. The relationship (aside from marketing idea sharing) was meant to involve swaps of youth players for potential loans. Neither clubs took advantage of this. So basically there was never anything official in place. Probably just us agreeing to give them first refusal on any of our world class players.

The removal of a flag that stated 'ENIC OUT' was spoken about. Not sure we'll win this particular battle. Any 'against modern football' and ticket price complaints that have been attempted in the past have been treated in the same fashion. This 'us versus them' dynamic is a problem within football as a whole. The club owns your experience the moment you sit foot into the stadium, hence all the rules and regulations on how you - an adult - is meant to watch a game of football. You have no rights, you accept the ones handed to you when you purchase a ticket.

The players signed are players that Pochettino signed off on. This pretty much means nothing. He'll sign off on any player we confirm can be signed rather than the ones we want and fail in capturing. But failing to sign players isn't always down to the chairman bidding a pound less than the valuation. It is however frustrating for any coach to want a particular skill set and have a mish-mash of new arrivals that don't quite fit in as a collective, a unit.

Michael Dawson testimonial? Might not have had the talent but his heart is deserving of recognition. The amount of players I can honestly say I felt an attachment to as a Spurs fan in the past ten years - I can count on one hand. Daws is one of them.

As for this:

THFC referenced it was early days for Pochettino. The summer had been truncated by the World Cup and it would take time to establish his style of play

An acceptance that it will take time, mainly thanks to the problems fashioned by prior appointments and struggling signings which they obviously won't acknowledge as the reason Pochettino is here. They followed this up by stating it was also too early to make a comment about the teams performance thus far this season. The real problem at hand? If Levy made a mistake in appointing Pochettino then because of the call for patience and stability, he can't win either way and neither will we. If Poch needs replacing and he does, he'll be criticised again for failing to bring in the right man. To actually create this situation from one where we stood tall with the leading pack is masterfully inept.

Spurs also accepted the lack of communication with the supporters and our unhappiness. Once more, these are all just words. The actions that follow them will define whether the club wish to care and correct.

Onwards. Backwards. I have no sense of direction and neither does THFC.


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