We have Trust issues


The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust is not beyond criticism. Name me something that is. It's representative of the supporters because it's the only recognised organisation that is able to enjoy a biscuit and English cups of tea with the main points of contact within the club. We can share our views and opinions here, on social media, in the pub or the ground and Spurs might even listen in or read the odd forum thread but they won't offer a politicians answer unless it comes directly from the THST. It's not beyond criticism much like you and me can have targets placed on our backs for others to aim at. However, it's a touch misplaced to slate them for trying to create constructive dialogue between supporters and the club. This isn't South America where the ultras turn up for meetings with their chairman and having conversations with the players in the dressing room.

The Trust is meant to be the embodiment of the majority. They represent us. If you believe they don't then the criticism you offer might as well be screamed whilst you stare back at your reflection in the mirror. If they're not telling the club what you want them to state then it's your responsibility to make your voice heard. That's why the Trust exists.

I'm sure most of us rock the fantasy of turning up to a meeting and having a right proper go at Daniel Levy in around 140 verbalised characters. Remember the old meetings we had back in the day with the club, at local hall, passionate, demanding answers and with the freedom to hold up placards of discontent? Gone are those days, we can't even celebrate a goal without pulling out an iPhone to capture the moment.

The message (if not the delivery) - be it from a baying crowd or in a more quaintly civilised environment is still the same. The club are well aware we feel disenfranchised. They are also aware that communication these days is all encompassing and fobbing us off with empty promises will only heighten the momentum of the pressure on them. But as baying crowds are not likely, they can facilitate our fragility with safe sometimes ambiguous responses.

How do we turn up the pressure?

In terms of mass mobilisation and demonstrations, we are fooling ourselves that the culture of comfort that exists off the pitch and in the stands is going to generate an alternative pro-active assault on ideologies that ENIC implement. The ideologies we find to be the main reason for the disconnect between us and them, the custodians of our club. People are generally happy to complain and moan but let others take accountability for it whilst offering little in the way of support or methods to aid with reclaiming some of our fan identity.

We can't change anything unless we force the issue and if it remains ignored then it's up the majority to influence decisive action. The Trust will ask the questions, the club will answer them. If they don't do so with complete transparency then whatever that majority want will lead the Trust forwards. The Trust is only as strong as the ones that want to make a stand. However the Trust also has its hands tied as not allow that's discussed can be shared. Meaning we have to trust the Trust isn't being manipulated.

Otherwise we'll have fragmented perspectives with no clear leadership from supporters with no real power. If you feel the whole structured relationship between the Trust and the club appeases ENIC more than it does the supporters, then mobilise on-line to have an impact off-line. Use the social platform and its instantaneous viral driven communication to set up an unofficial supporters organisation to lobby the Trust (because unofficial means you'll be getting no tea time and biscuits from Spurs) or attempt to be recognised as a separate entity. Although doing so will only lead to more fragmentation. We are meant to be pulling together rather than pushing each other away.

If things get bad. If things get really bad, we'll know because if we truly care about THFC we'll all find ourselves outside the ground in our thousands because this more traditional method of being noticed always tends to work far better because it can't be controlled by meeting agendas and minutes. Be it whether you're a Trust member or not. That single uppercut is going to be more explosive than the twenty or so jabs to the gut dished out and soaked up.

Things are not that bad. Not yet. And the owners are not going anywhere in the mean time thanks to their personal valuation of the club and the long standing stasis of the NDP. So for now what we have is the single route in. Drive with care and attention.