Hold off getting that Lamela tattoo


The signs (out of Italy) are actually good with this one. Well, unless some other b*stard club comes in for him last second having had Spurs do all the scouting. Pay for his Easyjet flight. Book him into a hotel room.

Roma, Lamela's agent...all involved, in agreement and speaking to Spurs. Everyone wants to see this happen. Erik himself hasn't been quoted, but his brother (Brian - proper Argentine names these two have) has said his brother is England bound. Hasn't cited a postcode. But there's only the two clubs talking - us and the Italians.

Rather than the opportunistic bid and physical that Willian was treated to, turning up in London with not a clue which direction to go in (North or West) and taking guidance from his 'best mate' agent - this seems to be less dramatic (when comparing it to any other given transfer saga this summer).

Journalists. Trust them much? This via @dimarzio

Lamela-@SpursOfficialc, it's almost done: €30M + 5M bonus (3 for games played and 2 for qual. champions), 5 year contract for him

Lamespurs? Someone have a word with him. Good intentions though. Crap hashtag.

I won't jinx it by blogging about him in detail like he's our player. Best to hold back this time. I won't even entertain the rumours that Andre Villas-Boas is out dining with Willian this evening. They're probably tucking into some lasagne. It won't end well.

Elsewhere in my head: 

Thoughts on the 'we need a creative mid' argument? I've banged on about this time and time again, we need someone with creativity/killer ball magic. But also seen a counter-argument that we didn't have a problem creating chances last season, we just failed to convert them.

Personally, I think the struggle we had breaking teams down suggests we need that extra dimension. Yes, yes, chance conversion improvement would mean we wouldn't struggle in games the longer they go on and the deeper teams sit - but what about the sides that defend resolutely and chances are few and far between?

Enter the locksmith. From somewhere. With a skeleton key.

Can't hurt right?

Soldado is here to finish. Lamela (jinxed it) or a similar player to score from midfield. We still need that spark, that inventiveness, that trickery.