The man, the legend, the hair cut

The iconic career of David Bentley.

Bentley signs. Boyhood club innit.

Who could ever forget this moment? Cheeky David running into the background of a SSN report at the Lodge, jumping around for the camera. Inspired stuff, forever endearing himself to the Spurs faithful.

4-4. And that opening goal was proper full-on Hollywood. Text book Bentley. Worth the £15M transfer fee alone.


Interview wasn't too shabby either.

For a Red Bull promotional, at their central London HQ, Bentley bets he can kick a ball into a skip from 5 floors up and wins his agents £15K watch.


He shoots...he really shouldn't have shot. He's shot, literally.

Bentley hits the post. A lamp post.

If I was a professional footballer, I'd also be setting my foot on fire and jumping into swimming pools at least twice, possibly three times per week. But I'd have scantily clad babes in there with me. Not enough babes in the above photo IMO. Floating candles don't do it for me I'm afraid. Although they seem to have got David all hot and bothered.

Good work fella xxx

Champions League, you're 'aving a larf. Less said about Bentley and his short shorts the better.

Bentley goes out on loan to Championship side West 'am. Glory. If he kicks the ball into touch at least he can lay claim for finding a skip again.

Injured. In limbo.

The greatest of comebacks? Steady now...

Bentley driven to Russia.

"Tottenham midfielder David Bentley has joined Russian side FC Rostov on loan until January".

Further and further away from those glory days with the skip.

Almost back where it all started (Arsenal move imminent if he impresses at Rovers)...