Knee-jerk translations

Jan Vertonghen - 

"It feels like that sometimes I can play at left-back and I can help the team at times. But everyone knows I am not a left-back. Once there are injuries, I’m the first to fill in the gap. Sometimes it’s better if you can play in only one position.

You see that with other players. These guys specialise in one position and they can completely concentrate."

Knee-jerk: Disgruntled for being used as stop-gap. Carefully placed inception into the minds of all tabloid journalists that will lead to transfer talk linking the player to Barcelona in January.


Jermain Defoe -  

“It was a massive mistake. I didn’t really want to do it."

“To this day I can imagine West Ham fans look at me and think, ‘Who does he think he is? How can you do that? You’re a Judas’. And it’s quite sad really because I can honestly say I still love that club.”

Knee-jerk: West Ham supporters already drafting up proposed explanations on why they've forgiven JD on his return to the Boleyn just in case he's re-signed.


Sven-Goran Eriksson -

"He was thinking Chelsea or Tottenham. He phoned me and said, "Who shall I buy? I said if you want to win the league then Chelsea - because you only have to change half the team. At that time with Tottenham maybe you would have had to change the whole team."

Knee-jerk: Here's me thinking it was the helicopter ride that decided it. We could have been former Champions League winners by now. Spurs not the only thing Sven has shafted in England.