Life's good

I'm still trying to decipher the Adebayor quotes from the other day. On the one hand he 'can't get any lower because if he does he'll be dead'. On the other he has a contract with Tottenham and refuses to leave.

Does he mean what he says or is he digging his heels in to make an already uncomfortable situation worse? Further confuses matters when you've got other players (Kyle Walker) speaking positively about Ade and his attitude and that it would be grand to have him back in the side.  Then you remember he hasn't been in the side at all and that the only thing we've been blessed with is empty promises and suggestions.

That and a wealth of Instagram images of pimped up white Range Rovers and designer clobber.  Having said that, he's always speaking well of Spurs and the team. So just how detached is he?

Adebayor is living up to that oh so expected reputation of non-activity thanks probably to a personality clash with our head coach. Having an on-fire striker of his physicality and potential and desiring to witness him destruct like Godzilla on speed is akin to suggesting that Jermaine Jenas might still make it.  

What we hope for and what actually plays out in reality are two things separated by an ocean of regret. 

Yet I sit here with my delusions and hope he gets a chance, just the one for starters, just so that we see what type of performance he is capable of producing having spent so long removed from the first team. With the transfer window within reach you sort of kinda know how this one is going to play out.

What if he does break back into the side and performs like he did in his first season?

Don't bother answering that because if he broke back into the side currently he'll spend most of his time deep and out in the channels and nowhere the penalty box much like last season when we also failed to create and cross enough to warrant us having a traditional striker in the box.