Apparently some supporters in areas of the stands (the whole of the stadium, lol) not known for vocal support were very tentative about expressing their identity and shouting yids/yiddos, the other night against Hull in the cup. The ones that did, did so with apprehension. Perhaps on occasions when the Lane is completely rocking people wouldn't be so self-concious and a sizeable majority would naturally chant it without a seconds thought but that ominous feeling this is the beginning of the end feels like its slowly turning us around to face the kiss of death.

The police don't seem to want to understand the issue of context. The club with their questionnaire to gauge opinion might well be going through the motions, a process just to be seen to be doing something positive (as we always ask why supporters are hardly ever consulted).

If say there is only a section of any given home match that sees a mob of Spurs fans chanting yid or yiddos then in many ways the problem is then contained and slowly slowly, the police and the club can start to make examples by picking and choosing supporters to be removed and cautioned or worse.

If it happens, then we're back to where we were in the late 1970s with Spurs fans having to reclaim the word 'yids' from the truly vile element that remain an afterthought in this publicity charged agenda.

Another call of arms?

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