Continuing from the match report of the Everton game.


I'm still right. When it clicks, and it will, we're going to be devastating. In the past, so much was missing. Team spirit, winning mentality, defensive organisation, conditioning, match preparation, team spine, longevity with transfer targets, players that complimented each other and proposed blueprint of coach...some of this was present before AVB but so much of the work he's undertaken last season and continuing this season is imperative to support everything we need to be if we wish to step up a further level.

No swashbuckling football? Okay, but no relegation form either, or has that particular episode been written off for convenience?

Drives me mental that if you add Luka Modric and Gareth Bale to this squad we'd...you know...I won't say it out loud but you know. Football is harsh like that and we know better than most that having to rebuild due to best players departing is a consequence of the footballing hierarchy that exists.

Keep the faith. Even you miserable ones must be able to pick out a positive or two in amongst this camouflaged crisis to warm your cockles every so often.

Three defeats in almost thirty games.