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Singing in the rain

Atmosphere at the Lane was a little diluted even with 1882 in amongst the Park Lane blocks. 1882 started out as something for the youth games, to bring supporters together to sing for the shirt and feel pride and love for Tottenham regardless of the team we were watching and the importance of the game. It works best when we're grouped together. Anyone that went to Charlton away in the FA Youth Cup last season or the Barca nextgen game or Maribor will tell you its an incredible experience. Says a lot about the modern game when it takes this for football fans to feel like they've completely changed their match day experience.

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Amalgam in the middle

Liverpool at the Lane, under the floodlights. This won't be as comfortable as the West Ham game. For starters, the visitors are more likely to hold onto the ball and use it more effectively. Brendan Rodgers side is also a work in progress. They might not have the quality we do but they still retain enough quality to cause us a problem. The reason for a more evident style probably has more to do with the fact that Rodgers has enough key players in his team to project his footballing vision. Be it one with plenty of quirks.

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White hot

We're at home. It's a derby match. We need not only the three points but also to be convincing and entertaining. Confidence, it breeds momentum but also belief. And it heals. Much like one game can bring the negatives, one game can drown them out with positives.

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Block J, White Hart Lane

Tonight we play Maribor at The Lane. The 1882 movement will be up in Block J of the Shelf stand.

We expect a night of fantastic atmosphere in a battle of noise with the passionate Slovenian support.

We hope to match them song for song in an attempt to drive the team forward to a victory we desperately need if we’re going to make it out of the group stages of the Europa League.

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