A step closer

Home is where the Hart is. There is no denying it, we are N17. Placing aside all the politics of Stratford and the reality that had we won the bid the club would have skipped gleefully to East London (I would have gladly stayed behind) it's heart warming to see us make progressive steps to cement the development of the NDP in Tottenham. The club and Haringey holding hands? Who would have believed it? Everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. Hallelujah!

From the official website:

The following statement was released jointly by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Haringey Council in conjunction with the release of Haringey’s report to Cabinet on regeneration in North Tottenham:-

Joint statement – Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Haringey Council

Tottenham Hotspur FC and Haringey Council have today made a joint pledge to the major regeneration of North Tottenham.

Spurs has reconfirmed its intention to stay in the area which has been at the heart of its history for more than 130 years and the Club and Council will work together to rejuvenate the area – seeking to deliver an iconic, new Premier League stadium development and a host of local improvements.

Subject to Cabinet approval, Haringey Council will invest £9 million towards new and improved public spaces, heritage work and environmental improvements in North Tottenham.

In addition, the Mayor of London has committed £18 million to the regeneration of North Tottenham, £6 million of which will be invested via the council in highways and parking improvements and a district-wide heating and power scheme.  The rest of the Mayor’s investment will focus on public transport and infrastructure improvements.

Spurs has committed to progressing the Northumberland Development Project (NDP), which would bring a state-of-the-art football stadium, new homes, shops and leisure facilities to Tottenham and represent an investment of hundreds of millions of pounds whilst also leveraging in further private sector monies.

Tottenham Hotspur Chairman, Daniel Levy, said: “As a major employer and business in the area we are delighted with this commitment from the Mayor and Haringey Council.

“We have long said we could only invest in the area if we could see our commitment supported by others and that there was a real need to maximise the regeneration benefits and lift the wider area.

“We therefore see this as a commitment from the public sector to the Tottenham area and one which strengthens our ability to deliver a new stadium scheme with the potential to kick-start the long-term regeneration of North Tottenham.”

Haringey Council Leader Claire Kober said: “We have said all along that we are eager to support Spurs in their efforts to stay in Tottenham. They’re a great club, with a great history in a great area which really wants them to stay.

“We are investing in the regeneration of Tottenham and supporting Spurs’ Northumberland Development Project because we know that together we can bring new employment opportunities to Tottenham, significantly improve the area and attract investment for a successful and sustainable future.”

As part of the Club and the Council’s commitment to work together, both parties have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding which sets out the intentions of each to support delivery of the Northumberland Development Project scheme and to promote wider area regeneration through the development of a ‘North Tottenham Regeneration Programme’.

Subject to consultation with local residents and businesses, this will focus on improving the quality of life of existing residents, attracting new residents and new facilities and encouraging the growth of local businesses to enable residents, businesses, investors and visitors to have confidence and pride in Tottenham.

Further Information
Subject to London Borough of Haringey Cabinet approval, the £18 million funding package from the Greater London Authority is proposed to be allocated as follows:

£11.0m:  Wider Area
- £8.5m:  Stadium Approach – land acquisition and new public boulevard/square linking to new White Hart Lane Station ticket hall
- £2.5m:  CCHP (combined cooling, heating and power plant) – funding towards construction of plant with capacity to serve NDP & potential new development in North Tottenham

£3.5m:  Highway, Parking & Environmental Improvements
- £2.22m:  Highway, bus & pedestrian route improvements
- £0.98m:  CPZ implementation including free residents permits
- £0.1m:  Road closures and Traffic Management Orders
- £0.2m:  Access improvements to Northumberland Park Station

£3.5m  Public Transport Capacity Improvements
- £3.5m:  Tottenham Hale Station – funding towards gateline and escalator passenger capacity improvements
Subject to London Borough of Haringey Cabinet approval, the £9 million funding package from the Council is proposed to be allocated as follows:

£8.0m:  Public realm and heritage improvements
- £5.0m:  Contribution to community event and public space
- £3.0m:  Heritage building improvements

£0.5m:  Highway, Parking & Environmental Improvements
- £0.5m:  Worcester Avenue – environmental, traffic & parking improvements

£0.5m:  Wider Area
- £0.5m:  Development of North Tottenham Regeneration Masterplan

Subject to consultation with local people and businesses and to formal approval by the council, the following 10 ‘Transformation Principles’ are proposed to guide the preparation of the details of the North Tottenham Regeneration Programme:

1.    Phased redevelopment and improvement focused on enabling existing residents to stay in the area in better quality homes.
2.    Expanding housing choice and supply.
3.    Social and economic development programmes to increase educational attainment, job skills and opportunity for local people.
4.    Fostering the growth of new and existing businesses in appropriate locations and, where moves are necessary, supporting firms to remain in Haringey.
5.    Increasing jobs.
6.    Sustainable development with access to new public spaces for community and cultural events.
7.    Phased provision of supporting community infrastructure, including school places and healthcare facilities.
8.    Increasing residents’ and visitors’ perceptions of safety.
9.    Catering for the needs of visitors, maximising spend in North Tottenham while minimising adverse impacts on residents and businesses.
10.    Maintaining strong public transport links with the wider area and modernising rail infrastructure.


Would be phenomenal if there was a solution to the underground problem with one being built closer to the ground. The logistics suggest that won't happen, mainly because the cost doesn't appeal to London Transport. One step at a time.