@philmcnulty: Louis Saha from Everton to Spurs now looking a done deal. Really intriguing move that. #bbcfootball


So today Marseille president Vincent Labrune confirmed he turned down an £18m bid from Tottenham for striker Remy earlier this month. So if true, we look to have the money to spend and the desire to do so. But if this Saha story unfolds into reality and is confirmed then you have to scratch your head and wonder whether the targets we have (that fall into the £15M + category) are few and far between. No chance of a massive signing happening on the last day when selling clubs always enjoy hiking up prices for their star players and forcing a game of cat and mouse that tends to play better across a few days. So Saha, would be a stop gap (on loan). Not bad business if you forget about his proneness to injuries. And if you ignore his 1 goal to 50 shots ratio.

Saha is a deadline day type of signing. Is/can be a quality player. But those injuries...

I'm hoping (praying) this is masterful deflection. If not, and he arrives then perhaps this is finally goodbye to Roman.


Jim White's head to explode-o-meter: Steam out of nose and ears, veins popping in forehead.